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The best place for Spanish Jamón Ibérico in Madrid, Spain

Spain is a great destination for anyone looking to visit Europe on a budget. It offers great food, amazing sights and architecture, and a good mix of cultural sites. When visiting Spain, one cannot pass on trying its Jamón Ibérico - a cured ham made from black pigs that come from the Iberian Peninsular.

These black pigs are fed barley and maize for weeks before allowing them to wander in the pastures as they consume naturally on grass, acorns, roots, and herbs. For the finest Jamón Ibérico, these pigs will adhere to strict diets limited to acorns or olives right before slaughtering time. The entire curing process takes twelve to forty-eight months.

Jamón Ibérico on a slice of toasted bread

The best way to eat Jamón Ibérico is on a slice of toasted bread, which is rubbed with tomatoes and garlic, with a drizzle of olive oil. Like the Italians who have their prosciutto ham with melons, Jamón Ibérico is best served with a slice of melon on hot days in Summer. For first timers, we recommend trying that untouched Jamón Ibérico on its own for maximum pleasure.

The Spanish love their Jamón, and you can have it anytime from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That being said, do note Spaniards enjoy up to 6 meals a day! What's not to love about this country?

1. Breakfast (7am - 9am)

2. Mid Morning Snack (10am - 11am)

3. Lunch (2pm - 3pm)

4. Mid Afternoon Snack (5pm - 7pm)

5. Tapas Hour (8pm - 10pm)

6. Dinner (9pm - 11pm)

So where can you find affordable Jamón Ibérico in Madrid? We recommend Museo del Jamón for a great introduction to Jamón.

Museo del Jamón

Interior of Museo del Jamón

Museo del Jamón has a stand up counter bar service on the first floor, and a restaurant on the upper floor that is beautifully decorated with its hanging Jamón. Even though it is a franchise, that has several outlets in Madrid, we saw many locals having breakfast here.

There are menus pasted on the doors and walls of the outlet with English translation (no less), that you can peruse and choose from. Then, head over to the bar, get the attention of one of their waiters and order whatever that pleases you. If in doubt, point to the marvellous display of croissants and baguettes at the counter.

We recommend having the stand up experience as it is much cheaper and you'll experience having a grab-and-go breakfast as the locals.

Coffee, with the display of croissants and baguettes

They also offer a breakfast set that is great value for money! For less than 5 euros (~8 sgd), you can get a tostada (toast), freshly pressed orange juice, and coffee FOR TWO! That is amazing, you can barely only get one venti starbucks for 8 sgd.

Museo del Jamon Tostada Set

Jamon Croissant Set

If you would just like to have the Jamon baguette, it is only 1 euro (1.60 sgd). They also serve beer for 1 euro later in the day!

Jamón Ibérico Baguette

And for Jamon Iberico, it's pricer but still affordable. This slice here costs about 3 euros (4.80 sgd)! We loved it so much such that we had it for breakfast almost everyday!

We also tried Museo del Jamon's dinner at the upstairs restaurant. We really should have gone for the Jamón Ibérico platter instead of their cooked food - it was nothing to shout about.

Mixed Grill Set

Mixed Grill Set

Beef Steak

Beef Steak


We also had to try their Sangria. The sangria was strong, although we felt that it could have tasted more fruity. We didnt manage to finish that huge jug and I was already losing my balance while walking out of the restaurant. We paid less than 18 euros (29 sgd) for all of that, including a Jamon Iberica Toast.

If you are visiting Madrid, do be sure to visit one of the Museo del Jamon outlets!

Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 6 28014 Madrid

Tel: 91 521 03 46

Opening Hours:

- Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

- Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

- Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 00:30 p.m.



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