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Yakiniku-Go: A fuss-free Japanese Yakiniku concept

Yakiniku-Go: A fuss-free Japanese bbq concept

Last week we tried Korean BBQ, but how can we forget Japanese BBQ - Yakiniku?

We made a visit to our nearest Yakiniku-GO,this time to try their premium cuts, the Wagyu beef! Look at the marbling! Only thing is, how does it fare with the expensive yakiniku restaurants?

The Dining Concept

Enter Yakiniku-GO and you get issued with a QR code. To order is simple. Scan the QR code, select what you like and that’s it. Seconds later, your drinks will arrive first. Minutes later, whatever you ordered!

Additional tip: Condiments like salt and garlic chilli are complimentary and you can order them via the online web dashboard.

The Food

This wasn’t our first time to Yakiniku-Go so we were familiar with the menu. We like fatty cuts so we went with the Double Karubi Set Meal, upsized no less ($20.80) and the premium Wagyu Karubi Set Meal. Set meals come with a bowl of rice, a soup, and a choice of side (salad, cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi).

When we were there, we also saw tables ordering the Manzoku Platter which was reasonably priced at $17.80, allowing you to try different cuts!

For the premium cuts, there’s also Yakiniku Go Plus at Suntec City that offers A4 and A5 Wagyu. For the regular Yakiniku Go (without plus) outlets, there were only 2 sets to choose from.

The Overall Review

Overall, we think that if you’re craving for Yakiniku but don’t want a full-priced experience, Yakiniku Go is a good alternative. That said, we think the regular cuts were sufficient but not so much the premium cuts as they were thinly sliced and thus does not sufficiently bring out the flavour and goodness of the Wagyu. Because it is so thin, we weren’t able to get the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu flavour which was disappointing for the price point. So, the regular sets will do!

1 Year Anniversary - 22.02.2022

At the point of writing, we also saw that Yakiniku Go are having their 1st year anniversary promotion, 50% off their Yakiniku Go Set Menu (100g plus full-steak, U.P. $21.80) for one day only - 22 February 2022. What an awesome numerical date!

Outlets in Singapore:


Jem, Jurong Point, NEX, Parkway Parade, The Seletar Mall

Yakiniku-GO Plus

Suntec City


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