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10 things to eat at Borough Market, London

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Borough Market is one of the best markets in London for food! It is conveniently located close to London Bridge and is a great stop for travellers visiting the various attractions in London. The nearest metro station is London Bridge Underground Station, and walk towards the London Bridge.

There'll be a small staircase at the side of Southwark Cathedral that will lead you straight to Borough Market!

You can find various colourful fruits and vegetables for sale in Borough Market, as well as a ton of food. We've been to Borough Market several times throughout our many trips to London and there's always something new to try. But if you're visiting for the first time, here's what you must eat at Borough Market!

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich @ Kappacasein

This is to-die-for. We initially bought just one to share, but ended up having to queue up to grab another because it's so good! Various types of cheese are used in this sandwich and there was a tinge of sweetness amidst the savoury cheese. Try it and you'll can't get enough of it! These Cheese toasties are also from Kappacasein!

2. Raclette Cheese @ Kappacasein

Raclette is a swiss cheese that is normally made into a wheel. It is normally eaten when it is heated and scrapped off. Raclette cheese is a delicacy in Switzerland, especially during winter time. People will get together at their friends' homes and heat up Raclette Cheese and pour it over boiled or steamed potatoes, carrots, and pickled vegetables.

You won't have to do it yourself when you are at Borough Market as you'll get these nicely grilled cheese poured all over the potatoes and pickles. It is best to quickly gobble them up at once as the cold air will cold these hot cheese quickly!

Kappacasein used to be a stall close to the Market Hall but they have since moved to an actual store at 1 Stoney Street, SE1 9AA, located on the other end of Borough Market!

3. Sausage Roll

Sausage @ Borough Market

Have a sausage roll if you are feeling hungry, with lots of sauerkraut! There are actually many stores in Borough Market selling these so you can get them from any one of them. These sausages are grilled on the spot, so you'll get a piping hot roll!

4. Fish and Chips!

You can't leave Britain without having a taste of their fish and chips! You can get a fuss-free and affordable fish and chips at fish! kitchen. You can have it in their restaurant which is a beautiful green house that gives you a good view that overlooks Southwark Cathedral and to people watch in Borough Market. Otherwise, you could have the take-out version. There are some tables and chairs next to the stall that you can enjoy the piping hot fish!

Fish and Chips @ Fish! Borough Market

We love the batter of the fish and the outside's crispy while the insides are moist and succulent. You can also select from various types of fish! They also sell fish pies and fish cakes!

5. Pulled Beef Sandwich

Pulled Beef Sandwich

Pulled beef sandwich is something that we don't really get in Asia so we knew that we absolutely have to try it in Borough. We really liked the pickles and mustard wedged in-between the toasted warm bread and salted pulled beef. It gave a nice crunchy texture that sits really well with the pulled beef.

6. Paella

Paella @ Borough Market

Piping hot paella on a cold day sounds amazing isn't it? The rice from the Paella was really well-defined and have soaked in all that seafood goodness. It was so flavourful! Do purchase it if you're feeling really hungry. Otherwise, hover around and the store owners may offer you a free scoop! XD

7. Grilled Scallops

Grilled Scallops @ Borough Market

These aren't cheap but they are absolutely juicy and yummy. You'll have crunchy beansprouts and onions at the bottom, with the grilled scallops topped with bacon bits!

8. Freshly-shucked oysters

A must-try when you are Borough Market. As a produce market, the seafood are fresh and the oysters are huge and juicy! We had them so quickly that we forgot to take photos of it! Twice!

9. Breads

The breads at Borough Market also look really good. Many people were purchasing them back home. We didn't purchase it because our bellies were seriously too full. Do let us know if you've tried their breads!

10. Cakes, pies, and tarts!

We shared a cake and it was so yummy! Great prices too!

There are a lot more food to eat in Borough Market but our bellies were too full to stomach more! After feasting on all the food, you can also head to Monmouth Coffee for some hot chocolate or a hot coffee to wash down all your food!

Even if you do not fancy eating in a market, it is still a place worth visiting, looking at all the interesting produce. There was even a store selling rabbits! *gasps*

If these aren't enough, check out our blog post on the best restaurants in London. Looking for accommodation near the market? We'd recommend Ibis Styles as it is a fun chain hotel from Accor.



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