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20++ pound lobsters @ Burger and Lobster!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Burger and Lobster

Unfortunately, the popular lobster joint, Burger and Lobster has recently upped their prices. They used to only offer three items on their menu - Lobster Roll, Grilled Lobster, and the Burger, all at 20 pounds! These dishes come with chips and salad and are absolutely a steal in comparison to London's expensive food scene. Heck, 20 pounds for a full sized lobster is a steal!

However, they have since increased their prices and have extended their menu. No longer do they have lobsters for 20 pounds. A 1 pound (weight) lobster now costs 23pounds, which is still considerably reasonable! They now also serve SINGAPORE chilli lobster rolls! Wow! We didn't have this while we were in London but would definitely have to try it out the next time! Lobster > Crabs all day any day!

They also offer a range of starters and dessert for you to start and end your meal well!

Burger and Lobster is a fun bar-like restaurant that you can chill out with your friends. The atmosphere in all the burger and lobster outlets we've been in have been very fun and quirky. A bib will be given to you so that you won't dirty your clothes! When the food finally arrives before you, start digging in without worrying about the mess! :)

If you are not in London, fret not! Burger and Lobster also has outlets in New York, Dubai, Stockholm, Manchester, Jeddah, Bangkok, and Genting Highlands!

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