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3 best day trips out of Taipei city centre

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Taipei is not just eating and shopping (although we love that too!), there are also lots of nature and interesting sights to take in. Should you wish to escape the crowded Taipei city region and have some time to spare, head for these top 3 Taipei day trips!

1. Visit the Northern Taipei Region!

Yin Yang Sea, Taipei, Taiwan

The Northern region includes visiting the Nanya Rock, Yin Yang Sea, Golden Waterfall, Jiu Fen Old Street, Shi Fen Old Street, and the Shi Fen Waterfall. This would require at least 10 hours and you can either rent a car to drive up, hire a driver, or go on a bus tour!

Read more about the Northern Taipei region here: What to do in Taipei? A day-trip that is off the beaten track!

2. Visit Tamsui

Tamsui, Fisherman's Wharf, Taipei, Taiwan

If you love the sea, head to this seaside town! Stroll along the ocean, go on a cruise, or rent a scooter to go for a quick spin! Don't miss out on the Lover's Bridge and the Fisherman's Wharf. It is an extremely picturesque scene that is a perfect photo spot when the sun is out to play!

Read more about the Tamsui region here: 5 things to do on a day trip to Tamsui, Taipei, Taiwan!

3. Soak in the sulphuric Beitou Hot Springs

At Xinbeitou, which is a hot spring resort that is made in such a way that is similar to a theme park! With colourful trains that bring you to the area and the magnificent buildings situated in Beitou park, you'll definitely need to visit Xinbeitou if you are in for a soak. Especially during the cold wintery months, the hot spring is definitely going to rejuvenate your weary spirits.

Read more about the Beitou Hot Springs here: 7 things to do at Taipei's Beitou Hot Springs, Xinbeitou, Taiwan!

You can possibly lump Tamsui and Xinbeitou into one day if you are short of time like we were! Should you have more days to spare, take time to enjoy each location or even stay overnight at Xinbeitou!



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