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5 Advantages of travelling with just ONE luggage!

1. Avoid the risk of losing your bag

A traveller's nightmare, imagine having zero fresh clothes upon landing in your holiday destination! Save yourself the additional worry and trouble by bringing only one cabin luggage.

2. Avoid additional time wastage waiting at the baggage reclaim

The city awaits you, there is simply no time to lose!

I also find that it helps to be the first one out of the arrival area (especially on red-eye flights). This would mean no queues when purchasing your trusty SIM card, no queues while purchasing train/bus/tourist tickets.

Zoom out of the airport right after clearing immigration!

3. Score cheaper flight tickets!

Definitely something worth sacrificing a few pieces of clothes for right?

Many budget carriers often do not offer check-in luggages as part of their air fares, and adding them would mean more ka-ching. So that extra hundreds could easily score you a new item or souvenirs at your destination. Or it could even mean the ability to splurge on your accommodation for a better view!

4. Point to point travelling will be a breeze

Imagine landing in your favourite city, feeling all excited to explore and try authentic cuisine, yet the first thing on your mind is: How are you going to get to your hotel or airbnb?

Probably not the train or the bus because it will be a nightmare carrying all the luggages up and down the stairs to get to the train or bus station. This would also mean additional costs to take a taxi to your accommodation.

5. More space for shopping!

Imagine starting off with TWO bags and running out of space! How will you be able to transport one more bag home?

Travelling with just one cabin bag gives you an additional hand (quite literally the case) to pull along an extra luggage.

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