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5 Best Live Shows to Catch in Thailand

Thailand is known for many things, from its resident elephants to its excellent selection of Thai street food. But whether you're a first-time tourist or local traveller, another thing you simply can't miss is their bustling nightlife. But beyond the usual bars, clubs, and night markets, the live shows around the country have become a unique part of Thai life. Across the entire Thailand, they've got a vast selection of theatrical shows and performances that offer interesting insights into their local culture. If you ever find yourself in the "Land of Smiles" at night, here are some of the best evening shows to add to your itinerary. Siam Niramit

(Image Credit: Thillophilia) If Southeast Asia ever had its own version of Broadway, it would be Siam Niramit. The Siam Niramit Cultural Show is one of the largest stage productions in the world, held both in Bangkok and Phuket. Enjoy a night of exotic costumes, talented performances, and a crash course on Thailand’s history with some gripping storytelling. Plus, the package comes with an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet and a brief meet-and-greet with the show’s main performers after. Khon

(Image Credit: Bangkok) Many characters from ancient Thai literature have cemented their place in popular culture, but few are as iconic as the monkey Hanuman who tricked the gods into sending him back to earth. Khon, a traditional Thai masked dance, is based on certain parts of the Ramayana Epic — more specifically, on the adventures of Hanuman. This show is frequently held in the Sala Chalermkrung Theatre, the oldest stage in Thailand, located at the edge of Bangkok’s Chinatown. Calypso Cabaret

(Image Credit: KKday) Thailand is well-known for "ladyboys," and Calypso’s performers don’t disappoint. Armed with colourful costumes and dazzling performances, the Calypso Cabaret is one of the oldest local shows that celebrates human diversity, the spirit of love, and genuine acceptance. Moreover, the Calypso Theater, which can be found in the heart of the entertainment area of Asiatique, is surrounded by some of the best bars and restaurants in the country. Your night doesn’t have to end yet! Muay Thai

(Image Credit: ticket2attraction) The ancient martial art of Muay Thai is an integral part of Thai culture. While you can find many stadiums scattered around the entire country, Bangkok is where you can find the best matches to bet on. Despite strict gambling laws, it has become a must-see for sports fans and visitors who are looking for an adrenaline-filled night. And if you want to elevate your experience, you can always join in since there are many tips to betting in Thailand. For starters, it helps to do a background check on the fighters to know their fight record to come up with the best bets possible. Cookin' Nanta

(Image Credit: Trazy) If there’s anything the Thais love more than sports, it’s food. Chopping and slicing their way around the world, Cookin’ Nanta is a live Korean cooking show that has captivated millions of people around the globe. And guess what? They’re currently in Bangkok! If you're in the area, you can catch this live show about three rookie cooks, a clumsy newbie, and a banquet — all packaged in well-rehearsed action scenes and lively percussion music. This family-friendly production is for anyone looking for a good laugh. Of course, this list only scratches the surface of the kind of entertainment this country has to offer, but it's a good place to start for a truly memorable evening



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