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7 Unmissable Destinations in Sweden

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Sweden is a country full of beautiful places to see and friendly locals, and it is a wonderful destination to visit if you love nature. Luckily, getting to Sweden is very easy. For getting to and there, you have options of plane, train, and even car from Europe thanks to the underwater tunnel that connects it to Denmark, one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world.

For first time visitors, here is a list of the top unmissable spots to keep in mind and add to your itinerary.

1. Stockholm 

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and aside from being where most flights come in and out of, it is well worth spending some time here, in the Venice of the North. It is a beautiful city with lots to see and do. While you’re here, visit Vasa Museum, walk around Old Town known as Gamla Stan, and take a trip on the Stockholm Archipelago.  

2. Malmö

Just a 40-minute train ride from Stockholm is Malmö. It is a medieval historic city, and the third largest city in Sweden. While there is plenty to do here, Malmö is also a walkable city which makes a visit here even more enjoyable so you can stop and go as you please and there is also a beach. The city’s main sites are Pildammspark, the Castle and Kungspark, Ribersborg Beach, and the Turning Torso Tower. If you want to explore Denmark as well, Malmö is linked to it via the Oresund Bridge.

3. Gothenburg

If you want to experience the nightlife in Sweden, Gothenburg is good-sized city where you can enjoy your evenings out on the west coast of Sweden. It is an especially wonderful spot to visit in the summer. It Is highly recommended to go on a canal sightseeing cruise so you can see the old town and the rest of the city from the water. There is also the Maritime Museum, Museum of World Culture, and the fish markets that are worth checking out.

4. Gotland

Gotland is the largest island in Sweden and a popular destination for visitors. It is known for getting a lot of sun, the beautiful surrounding Baltic Sea, and the prehistoric sites and history that you can learn about while on the island.

5. Lapland

Many head to Swedish Lapland for their chances to see the Northern Lights. Regardless whether you see them here or not, nature-lovers will be happy in Lapland. While you’re here, stay in or at least check out the Ice Hotel, and depending on what season you visit in, you have many options. You can try out winter sports, go foraging in the forest or explore by horseback, or try out any of the wonderful outdoor activities here like hiking, biking, fishing that you are interested in.

6. Uppsala

Uppsala is a city with its roots in religion and education. It is home to Uppsala University, one of the oldest colleges in Scandinavia, and is the religious center of Sweden.

7. Visby

Visby is a city on the island of Gotland. It is a historic Hanseatic town that is well-preserved. While the island itself is worth visiting, you’ll want at least a full day to explore Visby and admire its history and architecture.

As with any destination, tasting the local food is of course a must. While in Sweden, a few typical dishes to try are Jansson’s frestelse, Raggmunk (Swedish potato pancake), gravlax (dill-cured Salmon), shellfish, crayfish, and knäckebröd (crisp bread).


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