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8 reasons why Dublin should be next on your Travel Bucket List

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

I’d always imagine Ireland to be a grey and dreary city, with nothing much to do except to drink and be merry... Perhaps that’s because Dublin has been so closely linked to St Patrick’s Day, where emerald green hats fill the city with locals indulging in Irish Whiskey, beer, and cider. Yet even with the whole vibrant party culture, Ireland is still quite an underrated country amongst travellers worldwide.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is well-known for its live music, charming avenues, and historic architecture. Even though it is one of the smallest capital city in Europe, attractions are plentiful and suitable for travellers of all ages. Here are some reasons why Dublin, Ireland should be on your Travel Bucket List!

1. Ireland uses the Euro

This would be handy for European travellers as there is one less travel administrative work to do! There is no longer the need to fuss over where you can get the best exchange rates! Your currency works here too!

2. Trinity College's Library is home to The Book of Kells

While this is an overly touristy spot, it is still a must-see when in Dublin. The stunning Long Room looks like it came right out of the set of Harry Potter and you'll get to marvel at the musty old books sitting on the shelves. The exhibition's main attraction is the Book of Kells, a ninth-century manuscript that contains the four Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ.

3. Drink Guinness where it tastes the best

Dublin is also the home of Guinness. You could find them in almost every bar and should you want to tour the Guinness Storehouse, you should also head to its new Gravity bar to try the brewers' experimental beers. The seven-storey storehouse provides a plethora of activities and information about the history of the beer. The best part about the tour? It includes a souvenir gift box with a magnet and a glass.

4. Chill at The Temple Bar Pub

Whiskey lovers should definitely check out the oldest pubs in The Temple Bar district - The Temple Bar Pub. Every evening, the pub would be filled with throngs of people - foreigners, locals, everyone - enjoying the live music and having its fresh oysters platters.

Since we are at the topic of whiskey, why not head for a Whiskey Museum Tour and Tasting?

5. Experience St Patrick's Day

Forget Oktober Fest and head over to Dublin for St Patrick's Day. It is silly to see the leprechaun hats, people wearing green, the crazy crowds,... But it is why it is also fun to be in the city, enjoying the festivities!

6. Go shopping at Penney's

While you may be more familiar with Primark, the giant fast-fashion retailer, did you know that it actually originated in Ireland? You'll find the similar green words in the same Primark font but it is actually Penneys in all of Ireland. The store took the Primark label as it expanded overseas because the name 'Penneys' is owned by American retailer J.C. Penney.

7. Head out to visit Game of Thrones sites

Dublin is also a convenient base for those looking to take day trips to see the countryside and head up to Northern Ireland. You can take a day tour or rent a car to go on a road trip to visit the Game of Thrones filming spots: Giant's Causeway, Ballintoy Harbour, Larrybane Quarry, and the Dark Hedges.

8. Take in stunning views from the Cliffs of Moher

Right outside the bustling Dublin city, you'll also be able to visit the Cliffs of Moher and take in some fresh countryside air!

If these 8 reasons aren't enough to convince you, check out also the many things to see and do in Dublin, Ireland (blogpost coming right up)!

Where to stay in Dublin, Ireland?

We spent a night in The Hendrick Smithfield, a newly opened boutique hotel located close to the city centre. The rooms are small, but cosy and clean and it also has a bar on site! Great for your last round of drinks before heading back to your rooms!

We also stayed another night when we were in Dublin at The Amberley House by TheKeyCollections. This was an aparthotel, located just a 2-minute walk away from O'Connell Street. Although the property is slightly older, the high ceilings made you feel like you were living in a penthouse!

Is Dublin, Ireland already on your must-visit travel bucket list? Share with us why you absolutely need to visit it in the comments below!

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