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Affordable Lunch Sets at Nanbantei, Singapore

If you're in Orchard in the afternoon and are wondering what to have for lunch, consider Nanbantei at Far East Plaza for their affordable lunch sets.

Nanbantei, Singapore

Nanbantei is a small restaurant located on the 5th floor of Far East Plaza. It has been there for years and I still remember the first time I went there... The yakitori was slightly charred and oh-so-good and the unagi don was amazing! We didn't make reservations in advance and had to sit at the counter in the crowded restaurant! My lovely friend treated me to the best Yakitori I've had in Singapore so far, and the bill, well... was shocking! We paid about >$100 for two and that was a lot for a young student years back.

Thankfully, I discovered a few years ago that Nanbantei has lunch sets that you'll get to try a selected few yakitori sticks from only $15.50 SGD.

My favourite has got to be their bento.. You'll get 5 sticks of Yakitori, some pickles, carrot and cucumber sticks, miso sauce, with sweet minced meat and mushrooms on top of a bed of rice, plus a bowl of miso soup for $15.50sgd!

Nanbantei, Singapore

For those who don't fancy rice, you can also try their udon set + a choice of one side (chicken karaage 14.50sgd or tempura 16.50sgd). It comes with a side tofu.

To end off your meal, you can also top up $1 for a small plate of fruits or mochi in red bean paste. :)


Far East Plaza

Chinatown Point



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