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All you need to know about Hong Kong Disneyland

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Being the closest Disneyland to Singapore, this is the most exciting place to visit for young children! Families can get an entire day (or more) of fun!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland

1. By MTR (1h20mins)

From Tsim Sha Tsui:

a) take the Tsuen Wan Line to Lai King Station

b) change to the Tung Chung Line and alight at Sunny Bay Station

c) take the Disney Resort Line to Disneyland Resort Station

The Disney Resort Line is an experience in itself. Before even reaching Disneyland, the mood is set in the train ride there!

Hong Kong Disneyland

This may look like a regular train, but check out the handles and the windows! It is in the shape of mickey!

Costs: 23HKD (~3.93SGD) with a single journey ticket (it will cost less if you use an Octopus Card), plus a lot of walking!

This is a shared transfer service to get you from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Exit L1 right to Disneyland in 30 minutes (the pick-up timing is at 9.50am). Otherwise, you can also hop onto the bus at Inn Hotel, Yau Ma Tei at 9.30am. This option is great for families with young children who do not wish to go to the trouble of changing MTRs while carrying all the prams, et cetera.

Costs: 8.20 SGD for a one way ticket, you can book it online here.

Another way to get to Disneyland is via the Star Ferry. This means that you'll also get to enjoy scenic views on the ferry! However, do note that for this option, the ticket is for a round trip and they only have ONE trip per day so it is only advisable for travellers who will be visiting Hong Kong Disneyland for at least two days.

From Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier to Hong Kong Disneyland Pier: 11am

From Hong Kong Disneyland Pier to Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier: 12.15pm

Costs: 15.40 SGD for a TWO way ticket, you can book it online here.

How to get tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland?

1. At the door

Simply head straight to the entrance of Disneyland to get tickets to Disneyland. However, do note that for peak holiday seasons there may be slightly longer queues.


Adults - 619 HKD (~106 SGD);

Children (below 12) - 458 HKD (~78.30 SGD)

2. Book online

Hong Kong Disneyland Mickey Waffle

To avoid the queues, purchase your tickets online. On the Hong Kong Disneyland website, there is currently a "Play, Shop, Dine" promotion. Besides getting the one-day ticket, you will also get to receive either a 50 HKD merchandise voucher or a free Mickey Waffle (price at 58 HKD).


Adults - 619 HKD (~106 SGD);

Children (below 12) - 458 HKD (~78.30 SGD)

Save even more when you purchase your tickets online on Klook!


Adults 89.90 SGD; Children (below 12) 69.10 SGD for a one-day ticket,

or get the same "Play, Shop, Dine" at 105.10 SGD for adults, and 76.60 SGD

Should I stay in Disneyland Resorts?

Disneyland Resorts

Age-old dilemma of whether one should save tens of dollars to stay in a hotel in Hong Kong city area and make their way to Hong Kong Disneyland or to stay in the resort? I would say, it really depends on your needs. For some, the sole reason for visiting Hong Kong would be for their children to enjoy Disneyland. As such, it would be best to stay in Disneyland resorts as that would mean less travelling times and families can head back to the resort at any time for naps, et cetera.

Otherwise, consider staying at Dorsett Mongkok or try out staying in a shoebox apartment!

Disneyland Attractions

Hong Kong Disneyland Tarzan's Treehouse

There are various rides for both the young and old. Unlike Hong Kong Ocean Park where there a lot more thrilling rides, Disneyland is more family-friendly. Take the raft to discover Tarzan's treehouse. This is an interactive discovery walk where you'll get to see the various exhibits that displays the story of Tarzan.

Hong Kong Disneyland Big Grizzly Mountain Mine Cars

The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is another popular and thrilling rollercoaster. Here, you'll get to experience drops and plunges, even with the train going backwards!

One must absolutely not miss the new Iron Man Experience ride and the classic "It's a small world" boat ride.

Children would also love the toy story land! Here's where most of the rides are catered to the very little ones! There are also lots of photo opportunities too!

Hong Kong Disneyland Parade

Besides these thrill and family rides, don't miss out on the Parade to catch a glimpse of your favourite Disney characters dancing and prancing down the aisle. Do check in the Park Guide for the exact timing of the Parade. For those who are spending more than one day in the park, for the second day, you may want to miss the parade and catch up on the rest of the rides. During the parade, most families would be busy admiring the various characters and most rides may be empty or have really short queues! So there's a hack for you!

Character Phototaking is also available throughout the park. You can also find the timings of the various characters. Do note that for Mickey and Minnie character photo taking, the queue can really be quite long since they are the main stars and the location is in the main plaza close to the entrance of the park!

For other character photo taking that are in the quieter regions of the park, there will be much shorter queues! You don't have to worry about paying high prices for your photos as the staff will be happy to help you take a picture with your camera or phone. Of course, you will still be able to purchase the printed photographs later on!

What to eat in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Finally, after all that walking, laughing, and running around the park, you'll definitely be hungry and will need to grab a snack or even an entire meal!

There are various restaurants in the park, at least one in each region! Whether is it burgers, or Chinese or Hong Kong food, you'll have it all! Do plan your meal timings well as during the lunch period, many of the restaurants will be crowded! For smart travellers, you may wish to have your meals earlier or later to skip the crowds and take that chance when everyone else is having their meals to go for the rides! Hong Kong Disneyland is the place to be for both young and old. Even if you do not really like theme parks, we would still recommend heading there at least once on your various trips to Hong Kong!

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