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Best part of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld Orlando!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Animal Kingdom, Disney World Orlando

As one of the four parks in Disneyworld Orlando, Animal Kingdom is not just your regular theme park. It is also an amazing way to get up close with the animals as you take a bus into the safari! With talks of Rafiki's Planet Watch closing even with record attendance, what other attractions make the visit worth going?

What exactly is the best part of Animal Kingdom?

We think, it is the FOOD!

Food at Animal Kingdom, Disney World Orlando

In Animal Kingdom, we got to feast on one of the best grilled ribs and chicken ever! Plus, because we're in America, the portions were HUGEEEEE! It was seriously extremely worth it to feast on all those before we start our day at the theme park. Just looking at the pictures now, I just want to fly back again! :(

Check out the size of the portion. Besides the grilled meat, the baked beans and onion rings were amazing too!

What else is there to do in Animal Kingdom?

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando

The equivalent of the magic castle in Animal Kingdom is the Tree of Life. Besides being the centrepiece of the park, it is also a theatre that screens It's tough to be a bug! is performed. And when it comes to the night, the tree will light up with a myriad of colours to mark the closing of the park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando

Aside from Magic Kingdom, the animal kingdom is also a great park for families with young children. There are a whole section of the park dedicated to the really young ones! Here, there are a plethora of rides for them to have a fun day out!

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando

Boys can go wild with dinosaur themed rides, and it is the boys' version of Disney's Magic Kingdom! Some of these rides include DINOSAUR and Dino-Sue.

Primeval Whirl, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Older children can ride the popular Primeval Whirl! It is a fun spinning ride that is great for the young and old. Just be very careful with your belongings! My handphone spun out of my pockets on this ride! Thankfully, the friendly staff were able to retrieve it back for me. Phew! I was so frantic then!

More than just the theme park...

Animal Kingdom's appeal is the variety of animals living in there. You get to see elephants, lions, and more! Everyone who visits Animal Kingdom should definitely head to Kilimanjaro Safaris. You get to ride an open air bus to see the animals up close!

While celebrating the 20th anniversary of Disney World Orlando, there'll be lots of interesting programmes that you can participate in. Disney World Orlando is also one of American's favourite holiday destination. When we were there, we saw many families heading to Orlando to escape the cold during the winter months. So do expect long lines for many of the rides. To help you cut your waiting time while getting the tickets, purchase them online here.

Have you been to Disney's Animal Kingdom or DisneyWorld Orlando? Share your views with us!


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