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From Asahikawa to Biei: A Day Trip to the Iconic Blue Pond and Serene Shirahige Waterfalls

Hokkaido is known for its stunning natural beauty, and a day trip to Biei's Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfalls is the perfect way to experience it. Located just an hour's drive from Asahikawa, these two iconic destinations are a must-visit for anyone exploring Hokkaido.

Since these two destinations are located close to one another, it makes sense to do them together on a half-day trip!

Day trip from Asahikawa to Biei Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfalls

How to get from Asahikawa to Biei in Hokkaido, Japan?

Getting to Biei from Asahikawa is easy. You can take a bus or drive your own rental car. The drive takes about an hour, and the road is well-maintained and easy to navigate. Once you arrive in Biei, you'll find plenty of parking spaces near the Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfalls.

And if you don't want to use either of these options, your best bet is to join a tour that combines them both!

See your Mac wallpaper IRL

For me, this was so fascinating - to be able to see the famed mac wallpaper in real life! The Blue Pond is an iconic destination in Hokkaido, and it's easy to see why. The bright blue color of the water is due to natural minerals in the pond, which create a stunning contrast with the surrounding greenery. The pond is especially beautiful in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is just right.

Biei Blue Pond, Day Trip from Asahikawa

We visited the blue pond just before the sun sets which made it an extremely dreamy walking there. To get to the Blue Pond, you'll need to take a short walk through a forested area. Along the way, you'll pass several smaller ponds, each with its own unique colors and reflections. The trail is well-maintained, and there are plenty of photo opportunities along the way.

Once you reach the Blue Pond, you can walk around the edge of the pond and take in the stunning views. There are also several viewing platforms located around the pond, which offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. We've heard that the Blue Pond is especially beautiful in the winter when it's covered in snow and ice, so if you're in Hokkaido in winter, it is a must-visit.

However, we must say that the blue pond area isn't as amazing as we thought it will be because everyone's there and there's only a narrow path along the blue pond. It can get quite difficult to take a good photograph! So please lower your expectations!

Marvel in the sight of Shirahige Waterfalls

After visiting the Blue Pond, it's time to head to the Shirahige Waterfalls. Located just a short drive away, the waterfalls are a serene and beautiful destination. The waterfalls are especially beautiful in the autumn when the leaves are changing colors, but they're worth visiting at any time of year. We do think that the Shirahige Waterfalls offer a much better viewpoint and is much more scenic than the blue pond!

The Shirahige Waterfalls, also known as the "White Beard Waterfalls," are a beautiful natural attraction located just outside of Asahikawa. The waterfalls are named for the white spray that resembles a flowing white beard, and they are a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Once you arrive at the Shirahige Waterfalls, you'll be greeted by a spectacular sight. The waterfalls are fed by melting snow from the surrounding mountains and cascade down a series of rocks before plummeting into a pool below. The white spray creates a misty atmosphere around the falls, which adds to their mystical and serene atmosphere.

You'll be able to marvel at the sight of the waterfalls on top of the bridge and hear the rushing waters, much reminding us of the Shifen Waterfall in Taipei, Taiwan.

Visiting the Shirahige Waterfalls is a great way to connect with nature and experience the beauty of Hokkaido. It's recommended to visit during the spring and summer months, when the waterfalls are at their most spectacular. However, the falls are also stunning in the winter, when they are frozen over and covered in snow and ice. Just be sure to take caution when visiting in winter and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

After visiting the waterfalls, it's time to head back to Asahikawa. Along the way, you'll be treated to stunning views of Hokkaido's natural beauty. A day trip to Biei's Blue Pond and Shirahige Waterfalls is a perfect way to experience the best of Hokkaido's natural beauty. What are you waiting for? Bookmark it for your next trip to Hokkaido, Japan!



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