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Day trip to Shenzhen: How to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Another popular day trip from Hong Kong is Shenzhen! Shenzhen is located in the Guangdong province of China. To get there from Hong Kong, you will need your PASSPORT since Hong Kong is a SAR of China.

Shenzhen is a bustling business, manufacturing, and technological hub and many travellers head to Shenzhen for business. At times, they may then cross over back to Hong Kong for some leisure time before flying back home. Travellers heading to Hong Kong with an extra day may also wish to visit Shenzhen for affordable shopping at the nearby mall. Here's our guide on how to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong. There are multiple points of entry to Shenzhen (Luohu, Huanggang, Shenzhen bay) and we will be focussing more on the shopping areas for travellers to take a day trip to Shenzhen.

1. By MTR and Shenzhen Metro

MTR Hong Kong

Via Luohu Crossing

The cheapest way to get to Shenzhen is via MTR. From whenever you are, you'll want to get on the East Rail Line to Lo Wu station. At Lo Wu, you'll need to alight and walk (quite a bit) to the immigration building. The entire immigration process can take about 15 minutes all the way to an hour, depending on how crowded it is on the day of visit. Where possible, avoid peak hours like in the morning and in the evening. Depending on your passport, you may also need to have a visa. Do prepare it in advance to avoid spending too much time at the checkpoint.

After clearing the immigration, walk ahead to the Shenzhen metro, Luo Hu station. There will be plenty of signs to guide you there, otherwise, just follow the crowd! Using the Shenzhen metro, you can pretty much head anywhere in Shenzhen.

Should you just wish to have some cheap shopping, you can find the Luohu Commercial City right outside the immigration checkpoint! Here, there's simply everything ranging from clothes, jewellery, shoes, custom tailor stores, outdoor gear, and some electronics. They are also a huge centre for imitation goods (buy at your own risk). Besides shopping, there are also numeral restaurants and food options with your familiar Macdonalds and Ajisen Ramen.

Venturing off on foot, you'll then be able to find more shopping options. We really only had time to comb the Luohu Commercial City when we were there. Hopefully the next time we revisit Shenzhen, we'll be able to explore the other malls!

Via Huanggang Crossing

As compared to the Luohu crossing, this route takes you to the newer portion of Shenzhen. From whenever you are, you'll want to get on the East Rail Line to Lok Ma Chau station. However, there is nothing much when you exit Lok Ma Chau so we would only recommend this route if your destination is closer to the Huanggang/FuTian region.

2. Private MPV Transfer

For a more comfy ride to Shenzhen, and if you are travelling in a large group or carrying heavy luggages, consider hiring a private coach. It is pricey, but when shared amongst your family members or your friends, it costs about 159 SGD for a one way trip. You could also get a transfer from the Hong Kong airport itself to Shenzhen so that saves you the trip to head over to Hong Kong island / Kowloon!

If you are wondering, coach transfers are available but they often stop at Shenzhen Bay Port that is not that close to the shopping malls.

3. Ferry

The ferry is a good way to get to Shenzhen as well, but again, they may be a bit further off from the shopping area. But, should you be wanting to head to Shenzhen from Hong Kong airport itself, this may be faster option.

From Hong Kong Airport, before heading out of immigration, head to the SkyPier ferry terminal. From there, you can get ferry tickets to Shenzhen's Fuyong (Bao’an Airport) Terminal or Shenzhen Shekou Terminal.

Have you gone to Shenzhen from Hong Kong? Share with us your experiences!



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