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Duckland, Irish Duck in Singapore

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We stumbled into Duckland at Resorts World Sentosa and fell in love with the fatty, well-roasted duck from the restaurant and the duck and waffles!

Duckland is opened by the Tung Lok group that is known for their delicious Chinese food. True enough, duckland indeed didn’t disappoint!

Duckland, Irish duck in Singapore

Since we were there during lunchtime, we took chance to enjoy their lunch sets! For $13.90++, you’ll get to enjoy the Roast Irish Duck with Salted Vegetable Duck Soup paired with aromatic fragrant rice with bits of corn kernels.

Duckland, Irish duck in Singapore

Although it may look like an overpriced roast duck set meal, it wasn’t! It was definitely worth every cent because Duckland was very generous with the meat. Every single piece was crispy on the outside and also doused with juicy, fatty goodness! The sauce that was drizzled over the roast meat had just the right amount of sweetness and savoury notes. Unlike some roast ducks that are tasty but has little to no meat, I would say you would get sufficient meat in your meal. In fact, the roast duck was so delicious we hardly even required any of the chilli sauce.

The rice too, was flavourful. The little corn kernels added to the rice gave a good texture a sweetness to the duck rice (though we weren’t sure if they used duck broth or chicken broth to prepare the rice).

The soup that came with it was also delicious. It tasted like soups that boiled over many many hours.

We also tried the Duck Confit with Waffle Served with Poached Egg and Duck Fat Fries, $18.90++

This was the dish that initially drew us in as we got reminded of the time we visited Duck and Waffles in London, United Kingdom.

Again, we were blown away at the quality of this dish. The skin of the duck confit was crispy at every bite. The meat too, was tender. We initially thought the waffles came just as a pairing carb, we were happy to find out that the waffles tasted really good too. It seems that they put in thought into every part of the dish. We even considered ordering more waffles after we cleaned our plates.

We’ve seen a lot of truffle fries but if you haven’t tried duck fat fries, you have to visit duckland for it. It’ll leave you wanting for more and reminded us of the first time we tried duck fat fries back at Copenhagen! Oh, how we missed travelling!

All in all, Duckland was a splendid dining experience. Because it can be slightly pricey for a casual dining restaurant, your best bet is to visit during lunch for their weekday lunch sets, available from 11am - 3pm from Monday to Fridays, you can get your hands on their starred dishes for a bit of a discount. There’s also the duck bolognese and duck soup noodle that we’ve yet to try, alongside all the other ala carte dishes in their main menu, so we’ll be there again! To relish our travelling days and to indulge with yummy Irish duck dishes!


3 locations in Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa, B1-222/223

Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, B2-33

United Square, B1-09 & 64/65



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