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Experience Tokyo Disneysea

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Being a Disney fan, Disney SEA was a must-go for us!

Tokyo Disney Sea Tickets at the Entrance

Tokyo Disney Sea Tickets at the Entrance

How to get to Disney SEA?


- From Tokyo Station (15 minutes):

Take JR Keiyo or Musashino Line to Maihama Station

- From Shinjuku Station (30 minutes):

Take JR Chuo Line Rapid Train to Tokyo Station, then change to JR Keiyo or Musashino Line to Maihama Station

- From Tokyo Station (35 minutes)

- From Shinjuku Station (50 minutes) (Get your shared bus transfer ticket to DisneySEA or Tokyo Disneyland on Klook)

At Maihama, you will arrive at Disney Ikspirari and you'll have to walk opposite of Ikspirari and transfer to the Disney Resort Line Train that will bring you to Disney Sea. You'll have to pay an additional 260 yen (~3 sgd) per trip, or a day pass for 650 yen (~7.80 sgd).

Disney Ikspiari, with shops and restaurants

Disney Ikspiari, with shops and restaurants

Disney Resort Line, Tokyo Disney Resorts

Disney Resort Line, Tokyo Disney Resorts

How to get tickets to Disney SEA?

If you plan to visit before your trip to Japan, we recommend purchasing the tickets online so that you do not need to line up to buy the tickets. Otherwise, the queue for the tickets weren't that long for us.

The tickets cost:

1 day passport: 7,400 yen (~90 sgd)

2 day passport: 13,200 yen (~160 sgd)

You can also purchase these tickets on Klook. Purchasing from this site is not exactly cheaper than buying at the door, or online at the disney sea website, but whenever they have discounts, you will be able to enjoy some savings! For instance, Klook now has a 2-day pass for 162SGD.

Any express passes?

Disney sea doesn't have any express passes that you can purchase. Instead, everyone can redeem an express pass when they head to the fast pass machines outside some of the attractions that offer fast pass.

This was annoying for us. When we arrived there at 10am, the next fast passes for many of the rides were at 5pm... We didn't plan to stay at the park for the entire day, so we decided to only go for fast passes that had earlier time slots.

Many of the rides also had very long queues (about 2 hours waiting time), we didn't manage to ride on a lot of the attractions.

Aside from the rides, disney SEA also provides nice architectures that you can take photos of and with.

Entrance Area

Disney sea's version of Venice

Gallery of Pictures taken in Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan

Martian Mochi and Buffet Food at Sailing Day Buffet, Tokyo Disney SEA

We tried the buffet restaurant in DisneySEA. Our experience with Disney's buffet offerings were great so far, in Hong Kong, Orlando, and Paris. However, the buffet restaurant (Sailing Day Buffet) in DisneySEA was nothing to rave about. It would be better for you to spend your time queuing for more rides.

We also got confused when the map showed us a buffeteria which turns out to be a cafeteria.

Nonetheless, you could still visit Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySEA in 2 days if you're travelling for the #gram!



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