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Exploring the new Lotte World Adventure in Busan

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Lotte World Adventure Busan Theme Park

Wondering what you can do in Busan? Why not head over to the all-new Lotte World Adventure theme park on a sunny afternoon!

Unlike Lotte World in Seoul, this amusement park is much less crowded and is situated fully outdoors. Although it is much smaller, I personally feel that the fact that it has almost no queues for most of its rides makes for a more enjoyable visit.

Lotte World Adventure Busan

Located in the Osiria Tourist Complex in Gijang-gun, Lotte World Adventure is the first theme park in Busan! Spread over 158,000 sqm of land, head over for a wonderful day of fun in 6 themed zones and 17 attractions and rides.

The Giant Digger and the Giant Splash are the two most popular rides in the park, perfect for thrill-seekers. The main feature of this theme park is the talking tree you'll see rooted in the middle of the park, against the background of the park's castle. Built with animatronics technologies, watch its mouth move as it speaks.

Our Experience at Lotte World Adventure Busan

A great tip for theme park go-ers is to enter the park after 4pm, as you'll enjoy discounted tickets (33,000 won as compared to 47,000 for the day ticket). During the non-peak season, this makes perfect sense as there were hardly any queues so we covered all the rides in just a couple of hours.

Lotte World Adventure Busan Theme Park Rollercoaster The Giant Digger

The Giant Digger is a launch-type roller coaster that blasts you out, hyperfast, like 105 km/h with 360 degree turns three times! The ride was so smooth, so fast and so thrilling that nothing came out of my mouth when I tried to scream. It definitely is a must-try when you visit the theme park.

The Giant Splash was another great ride - except that I have a love-hate relationship with them. As thrilling as it is, it is annoying to get wet and icky after. My tip is to always take this first so that as you go on other rides, you'll dry up by the end of the trip. Or simply buy a poncho to keep yourself dry.

Unfortunately, when we were there, the Giant Swing was unavailable as they were doing some maintenance checks. We had to give it a miss. The gyro swing was huge and it swings you next to a fire feature.

Kids can have fun at Lotte World too, with kids-friendly rides and definitely the parades!

How to get to Lotte World Adventure Busan?

Taxis are an option as it is quite affordable in Busan and South Korea in general. If you would like to take the public transport, the nearest station is Osiria Station on the Donghae Line.

Address: South Korea, Busan, Gijang-gun, 동부산관광로 42

You can get the day-pass tickets to Lotte World Adventure Busan via Klook but if you wish to get the after 4pm tickets, you'll have to purchase them directly at the door as the online website is all in Korean.

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