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First post - Why I write

Updated: Jul 16, 2023 at Oslo, Norway

Hello October!

I'm starting on a new journey at!

Have been wanting to start a travel & food blog for the longest time because whenever I plan for our Europe / Scandinavia and et cetera trips, I can't seem to find sufficient information (even after going through various blogs). I often then have to resort to taking risks and going with the flow when I arrive at our destination (not a bad thing though).

I also want to share the food hunts and lesser known restaurants, cafes, eateries that food bloggers do not write about. Avoid overrated eateries please! Over the past few years where I embark on a month-long travel, the experiences that I remember the most were the unplanned moments - wandering about the cobble-stone paths, entering cafes full of locals that we often seem out-of-place, having the best food experience and not being able to find it when we want to go back!

I wouldn't say that I've been to many places, but I definitely want to travel, eat, and hopefully can be on my way to becoming a travel nomad. Even though I really love planning for lessons, teaching, and all the likes... This time, I choose me!


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