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Go! K-BBQ Korean Food: Aged Meats on the Grill

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Go! K-bbq Korean Barbeque restaurant in Singapore

Oh, how I miss my Korean bbq adventures in Korea itself. From time to time, I still fondly reminisce about the times I had in Seoul, Jeju and Busan!

Although the Singapore-Korea VTL is now opened! I have yet to step feet abroad! My goal for 2022 is then to start travelling again so that I can update and start blogging again!

Till then, let me just enjoy Korea from Singapore!

The Restaurant

I made a restaurant for my family of 5 on a Sunday evening at the Bukit Timah branch. With so many Korean bbq restaurants at Bukit Timah, I was curious why this place was fully booked the last I check one week ago!

Go! K-BBQ Aged Beef Short Ribs Platter, Korean food Singapore

When I first entered, I was greeted to a Meat Aging Room where the staff was slicing up beautiful slices of aged beef and pork. Oh my, I am so eager to sink my teeth into those slices of meat!

What’s so special about this Korean bbq?

The Speciality of Go! K-BBQ is their aged meat which allows the taste of the meat to be richer and also greatly reduces the moisture content such that you’ll easily get the perfectly charred meats once you bring them to the right temperature.

Annoyed at how you’ve made high prices only to have overcooked your prized meats? At Go! K-BBQ, the staff will come to your table to flip those meats to ensure that they will be of the best doneness! This is especially important for pork as you cannot afford to undercook it.

This experience of the staff grilling the meat for you really reminds me of when I had k-bbq in Korea!

The Food

K-bbq aged beef short ribs
Jin Gal Bit Sal, Aged Boneless Beef Short Ribs

As a family of 5, we ordered 1 Beef Set A for 2 pax ($92) which comes with 300g of the Jin Gal Bit Sal, Aged Boneless Beef Short Ribs (ala carte price, $34/150g) and 180g of the Woo Sang Yeop, Beef Brisket (ala carte price, $28). Besides the meats, we were also given the steamed egg, a salad, and a cold soup dish.

We also ordered the Aged Pork Belly ($20, I think) and a couple of side dishes like the Pajeon, Korean Seafood and Green Onion pancake ($20), the Gal Bi Tang, Beef Rib Soup With Ginseng ($18), and the Spicy Marinated Chicken ($19).

Oh, not to forget the unlimited side dishes!

Overall Review of Go! K-BBQ

Grilled Aged Pork Belly
Aged Pork Belly

We all agreed that their bbq meats were top class! The aged pork belly was surprisingly flavourful and tasty, really bringing me back to Jeju Black Pork Street!

The aged beef short ribs were super tasty too, but not as fatty as we imagined when we saw the marbling on the raw meat. When we first saw the meat, we imagined the melt-in-your-mouth like Japanese wagyu but this was more of the thick cut of steak texture. Well, different cut for different folks.

As for the non-bbq items, we agreed that we have had better ones elsewhere but overall everyone enjoyed the service and bbq at Go! K-BBQ!

Before we went down, I also saw that they have several reasonably-priced lunch sets which I’ll definitely make another visit to try!

We recommend calling the restaurant for bookings in advance to avoid disappointments.

Till the next!

Go! K-BBQ Restaurant

2 locations in Singapore

Bukit Timah 1 Jln Anak Bukit, #02-24C Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996 Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm; 5:30pm – 11pm Sat & Sun: 11:30am – 11pm

Amoy Street 76 Amoy St, Singapore 069895 Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 2pm; 5:30pm – 11pm Sat & Sun: 5pm – 11pm

Discover more on their Facebook and Instagram pages.



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