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Happy Congee 滿粥了 - Comforting Hong Kong Style Porridge and Rice Flour Rolls

It’s not all sad that we, in Singapore, had to go down into another Heightened Alert. Even though we, at the moment, can’t dine in in restaurants. I’ve discovered a whole lot of new yummy food around me with the help of delivery apps!

Today, I’ve tried an amazing new find - Happy Congee

Congee, a classic Chinese porridge made from boiling rice, is usually served for breakfast in Asian cities or together with good ol’ dim sum.

The one we’ve got here is a Cantonese style, silky, smooth congee that feels like it has been boiled for hours!

Happy Congee 滿粥了 has several outlets in Singapore at Jurong, Bugis, Hougang and Bedok. They serve a range of ingredients - chicken, minced pork, iberico pork, abalone and fish.

We tried the chicken and iberico pork porridge and were surprised that they taste so different. The chicken with lettuce porridge was light-tasting but full of flavour while the pork congee was heavier on the palette.

These bowls of porridge also come with a serving of freshly fried, crispy dough fritters (you tiao). The golden dough fritters were fried to perfection and goes so well with the silky porridge. I must say, I haven‘t had such good dough fritters in a while - you’ll usually need to eat them on the spot but this one was delivered to our place and it still tasted amazing!

Hong Kong-style Rice Flour Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun)

But what makes Happy Congee so good is that they also serve up Hong Kong style rice flour rolls (chee cheong fun) in a coffeeshop / Kopitiam setting. These rice flour rolls with ingredients wrapped in it can usually be found in dim sum places or in restaurants. The plain ones that are served in sweet sauce and chilli are common but these… served with a splash of sauce is not as common.

We ordered their Zha Liang 炸兩 which are rice flour rolls wrapped in dough fritters were simply AMAZING. This is something you can’t really find as only dim sum restaurants serve this. Even so, sometimes when you have this in Hong Kong restaurants, the dough fritters will be soggy and no longer crispy. But this, even though it was delivered (dapao), it was still as crispy as they packed the sauce separately. I would think it would have tasted even better when you’re dining at the store.

Oh wells, we can only wait till the restrictions are eased. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have tried this amazing new find and I even got it at 50% off from Deliveroo (Limited time only promotion).

It was so good that I also recommended it and ordered it for my folks and they loved it!! :)

This post is not sponsored in any way by Happy Congee nor Deliveroo but I’m just happy to share my new find and to support hawkers during this difficult period. Have you tried Happy Congee? Share with me what you think!



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