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Hotel Review: 25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

On our recent trip to Europe, we had a chance to experience amazing hotels and one of the most memorable hotels was the 25hours Hotel chain. We usually stay in mid-range hotels that feels modern and clean, even for our boutique hotel stays, none of them were as quirky and fun as this! So if you're wondering where to stay in Vienna, Austria, consider this!

P.s. Stay tuned for a 15% discount code at the end of this post!

Vienna was the first stop on our leg and we started on a really good note right when we've touched down. We had a really long (about 18 hours or so) international flight from Singapore to Paris and then to Vienna, so we really couldn't wait to freshen up as soon as possible. After a quick train ride from the airport, a quick subway to Volkstheater station, plus a quick walk, we arrived at 25hours Hotel at Museum Quartier Vienna. It was about 11am then and we were so thankful that our room was ready at check-in.

We were feeling quite excited to get into our rooms because the lobby area already looks so fun! We also really liked that the hotel took into account every small details. The friendly staff greeted us warmly, asked if we already had our lunch and when we said that we have yet to do so, he informed us of the lunch options in the restaurant.

For international travellers, most of the staff spoke English and some really speak very fluently so you really don't have to worry about communicating. They also did a quick overview of the facilities offered and we can't wait to check them out after washing up and having lunch!

25hours hotel

The 25hours hotel is located in several locations in Europe: Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Paris, and Vienna. They really pay attention to every minute detail and decor. The one in Vienna features vibrant colours, unique vintage furniture and decor. The eclectic theme runs throughout all corners of the property including the lifts! There will never be any dull moment while at the hotel, I promise!

The Location

View outside 25hours hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria
Amazing view outside the hotel room

Each location of the 25hours hotel is never on the mainstream streets, instead, they find convenient and accessible locations that also offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. The one in Vienna is located at the Volkstheater station where there are a plethora of transport options just a short walk away such as the buses, trams, and the metro! We really liked how we could get to almost anywhere from the hotel. Several attractions such as the Palace of Justice, Museum Quarters, and Volkstheater are just a stroll away.

The rooms

We were blown away as soon as we entered the room, so much so that we couldn't stop taking pictures of everything. We were actually first greeted by the view overlooking the Weghuber park and our eyes were quickly drawn to the fun and colour mural wallpaper by Berlin-based illustrator Olaf Hayek. His works are in all of the 183 guest rooms (M, M+, L, XL) and 34 suites.

"a good fit for all"
25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Great for family with children as well as for the fun-loving adults, quirky design elements can be found all over the room. I especially loved that there were no two things that were the same and we really felt that there were so much thought put into designing the room.

25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Business travellers are not forgotten too, as you'll get a proper desk with adequate power supply. M+ rooms overlook the park that would hopefully inspire you while you work? :)

Travel couples would definitely enjoy the little touches they've put in to make it a sexy and romantic experience. Just check out the little window that opens up into the toilet. Here, you could shower while admiring the playful wallpaper or perhaps your other half? Xp

Should you want a little more privacy, the little door can be closed to "cover up" while you shower. The separate space of the toilet and the shower is also great for mornings where you'll really need to rush to get ready.

Portable speakers are also available for your use during your stay where you can play sensual music to get yourselves in the mood. For those looking for a honeymoon stay, you may want to check out the XL room that has a standing bath outside a private balcony or stay in their suites that have offer more space and your own nespresso machines.

"come as you are"

I initially didn't quite get this tagline when I saw it at the hotel but I slowly understood that when we started washing up. 25hours Hotel MuseumQuartier provided everything you needed and you literally didn't have to bring anything. You know how sometimes hotels provide toiletries in small bottles and they either recycle it or throw it away at the end of each guests stay? I like how they use such large bottles so that they could do their part to the environment. Plus, it means I do not have to scrimp to share the soap! Each bottle is also imprinted with reminders to stop the running water while showering or washing your hands.

Do note that although toothbrushes and toothpastes are not located in the room, you can always ask the reception for one! :)

In order to travel light (yes, even in winter), we make it a point to hand wash our clothes every night. Sometimes, we don't get a big sink but here, we were very happy with the very large sink! Plus, we don't get the floor too wet when we wash our faces in the morning!

When I said they prepared everything you need, I really mean everything! In the room, they also prepared a Freitag bag for those who don't usually bring a smaller bag when travelling. Because its Freitag, your grocery bag can also be fashionable!

The mini-refrigerator is also stocked with snacks and drinks if you're feeling peckish in the middle of the night or the wee hours in the morning! These are, however, not complimentary but are made available to you at a fee.

Informative guides (about the hotel and the city) as well as several magazines are also available in the room for your reading pleasure.

The facilities

25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

"The Mermaid's Cave"

Other goodies of the 25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier include the Mermaid's Cave. Here, you can relax after a long day of sightseeing at the swings, chit-chatting with your friends and family, or head to the sauna to sweat out all those toxins! You can get your kit from the reception!

The gym is also located here. With adequate natural sunlight, you can get your workout before heading out in the day!

25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

If you're still wondering why it's called the Mermaid's Cave, here's why! Beanbags are here for you to chill and hangout while watching your other half gym. That's exactly what we did and we loved the rowing machine! You don't get that in all gyms so it was fun trying out something new!

25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

After sweating all out, you can also grab some tea and water! :) The tea was really good and I had to resist taking home some...

Although there isn't a pool in this property, we had fun exploring the various areas!

We really saw how each piece of furniture was thoughtfully sourced and they made the place really quirky and cosy at the same time.

We also took a peek into the meeting rooms and I guess for corporate clients, this would be a fun way to hold meetings or annual team bonding events.

So if you do stay at the 25hours hotel Wien, check out the other areas aside from your room!

"Rooftop Bar: Dachboden"

I've heard a lot about this rooftop bar and it is where all the action takes place once the sun goes down. As many of the shops and attractions close early in Vienna, the best way to spend the night is to head to a bar. The Dachboden located on the property offers splendid views of Vienna at night.

25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

On both nights that I was there, the bar was mad CROWDED. We only had space at the outdoor area... Well, I wasn't complaining because... JUST. LOOK. AT. THE. VIEW.

Even if you don't stay at 25hours Hotel in Vienna, you can still go up to the bar. It is no wonder that it was so crowded on both nights as when we were sitting in the Weghuber park, soaking in whatever's left of our last night before we head to the bar, we saw so many passerbys walk right past us and head straight up to the bar...

"Schinderhauer Bike Rentals"
25hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Should we wish to explore Vienna by bike, you'll also get to rent bikes at the reception (not these of course, these are for display!)

We didn't get to do this as Vienna was cloudy and rainy on the few days we were there... :( Also, many of the locations were really accessible from the hotel so we didn't even have to take the bike!

They also offer MINI rentals, which we couldn't make use of as we didn't bring our driving license! :( Otherwise I would be the first to test-drive it in the city! Other perks include late check-out (if available) and mobile hotspot. These do not cost anything more and all you have to do is to ask. If you bring your dogs along for your holiday, 25hours hotel at museum quartier is one of the few hotels that allow you to do so (at a fee).

Sumptuous Breakfast @ 1500 Foodmakers

We got the rooms with breakfast and we enjoyed an extremely satisfying breakfast on both mornings! The highlight has definitely got to be the honey that came right from the honeycomb! T was thoroughly enjoying it that he is now on a hunt for honeycombs and said that he won't not eat honey if its not on honeycomb anymore! I'm not kidding... We are now on that hunt...

We also simply loved their bread! Even though the other items kept us extremely stuffed, we always made room for this soft bread.

Besides the self-service buffet area, you'll also get to have eggs and coffee. Once you've taken a seat, one of the friendly staff would approach and ask if you would like some omelette or sunny-side ups. For scrambled, half-boiled, and boiled eggs, you can get them at the buffet. Sometime through your meal, you'll also be offered coffee! Yums, we had our espresso and latte.

For tea-lovers, you'll also get a wide selection of tea and tea pots where you can make them in! Orange juice, milk, and water are also available.

For breakfast, an additional 16 euros per person is chargeable. Although you may find it quite steep, I would say it was worth every euro! We did try to check the breakfast menus in cafes and it may cost you about 8 euros, so for twice the amount, you perhaps can take all the food you want and it would probably last you for TWO meals (breakfast and lunch!). If you don't want to fork out too much, try it for at least one morning!

Overall, the stay was amazing and we defintely loved the attention to details of all the decor and furnishing. It really made our stay special and unique. We also loved the hotel for its location that it was a quiet corner in the bustling history-rich city of Vienna. If you are still wondering which hotel to stay in Vienna, consider the 25 hours hotel! We would definitely want to head back to 25hours hotel again and check out the other ones in another city!

Should you want to book the property, use the discount code: December_25hours on check out and you'll get 15% off your booking! Do note that this code is valid till the end of December 2018 but you can book it for all dates (where available) in 2019!

Thank you once again to the team at 25Hours hotel at MuseumQuartier for hosting T and I!

Location: Lerchenfelder Str. 1/3, 1070 Wien, Austria

Nearest metro: Volkstheater

Disclaimer: We received one night comp stay at the property and paid media rate for the second night, but as always, all opinions are our own.



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