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Hotel Review: Hotel One Shot Colon 46, Valencia, Spain

After the not-so-sunny Barcelona in November, we decided to head southwards still staying close to the coast to the port city of Valencia. Valencia is situated at the coast where the Turia River meets the mammoth Mediterranean Sea.

We first chanced upon Valencia after looking at pictures of the City of Arts and Sciences, where there is a smorgasbord of futuristic architecture yet having that old school charm in the old city. Valencia is also the supposed birth place of Paella and we were looking forward to stuff our tummies with the fragrant rice.

Most only drop by Valencia for a day trip on their way while driving to other larger cities, but we took the train from Barcelona to Valencia and had the opportunity to stay there for 3 nights experiencing their local food and culture too! We also cycled in sunny Valencia and was very thankful to have great weather there!

At night, we found ourselves in Hotel One Shot Colon 46, a chain hotel situated close to Colon station, right outside the old town. Here, we were placed right in the shopping area and it was pretty accessible to the rest of the city. When the rest of the city sleeps, the hotel was a rather peaceful district and even though we were right smack in the middle of the shopping street, it was quiet and we slept soundly on all our nights there!

There were also a lot of other hotels in the old town that we did consider putting up in, but these are often older properties and there were no other transport aside from your two feet when heading back! Our search for our accommodation always included modern rooms plus a metro station nearby. It proved extremely useful later on as we could take the train right outside our doorstep!

The rooms

The rooms were clean, modern, and cosy. There were also facilities like a fridge in the room where you can store the drinks or snacks you've bought and there's also a few beverages in the fridge that you can purchase if you are too lazy to go out.

The toilet was our favourite. The woody tones made it feel like we were outdoors and perhaps showering in the bamboo woods of some sort... There was also an attached rain shower where you can pamper yourselves at the end of a long day. The sink was also large enough for us to wash our faces and our laundry.

Even though the rooms were slightly dark, we actually quite like as it created a romantic atmosphere and really helped us to wind down; we fell asleep very quickly every night! =/

The only downside was that we were too stingy to upgrade our rooms so we got one that has a view of the inner courtyard. But its okay, perhaps that may be the reason why it was so quiet too? :)


Even though the property may seem very small on the outside, there was still a mezzanine floor allocated for their breakfast area. We didn't try their breakfast but explored the area at night where it was peaceful enough for one to read a book or just relax.


The staff who received us on our arrival was so friendly and helpful. Being first time visitors of the city, she carefully pointed us to all the cool stuff to do and even included areas where the locals head to!

Overall, it was a splendid and restful stay and I would really recommend this place for those looking for accommodation and a hotel in Valencia, Spain!

We booked our 3 nights for only 73 euros which was quite a steal, I believe!

Carrer de Colón, 46, 46004 València, Spain

Nearest metro: Colon Station



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