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How to get around Iceland?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Munching Traveller at Iceland Skogafoss Waterfall

You've booked your trip to Reykjavik, Iceland and are wondering how to get around? I was also in this dilemma last year after I've decided to head to Reykjavik in early December.

Here are some of the ways to get around Iceland, the good and the not-so-good:

1. Join a Group Bus Tour

The good:

+ Snooze in the bus until you reach your next destination

+ Fuss-free, no prior planning needed

+ A variety of tours to choose from - ranging from a day trip, to two or three

+ Some of these tours also include exciting activities (think: Ice Caving, Glacier Walks, Diving, Snorkelling, et cetera)

+ Relatively affordable if you want to visit the Golden Circle (about SGD 98)

The not-so-good:

- All the disadvantages of joining a group tour, waiting for the others in the tour, get shepherded from place to place, and dining at expensive places

- The attractions can get quite crowded as the many tour companies often take the same route

- Since Iceland has shorter days during winter, most of the glacier lagoon tours are 2D1N tours (which means more $ for accommodation)

The companies that offer these tours include:

2. Hire a Private Bus Service / Private Driver

The good:

+ All the advantages stated above except that it is MUCH pricier

+ Don't have to squeeze with the other tourists

+ Have the option to be driven by the locals!

The not-so-good:

- Expensive!

The companies that offer these tours include:

3. Take the Iceland Public Buses

Yes, they do have public transportation in Iceland.

The good:

+ Inexpensive way to get around Iceland

The not-so-good:

- You will need to buffer for more time to get from place to place, the public transport in Iceland is relatively underdeveloped. Many of the locals have their own cars to get around

4. Self-drive!

This is probably one of the more popular option to get around Iceland! I find the cost to be relatively comparable to the group bus tours, but if you are travelling in a group of 3 or more, this option will be much cheaper!

The good:

+ Travel at your own pace

+ Get to places that the tour buses cannot go to (Think the abandoned DC plane, Solheimasandur)

+ Opportunities to stay in interesting hotels

The not-so-good:

- Extensive planning required

- Winter driving may be hazardous

The companies that offer car rentals:

Or head over to Discover Car Rental to source for the best deals!

Depending on your needs, select your best option and have fun travelling!

For more information on renting a car in Iceland, read: Renting a car in Iceland.



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