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How to get from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark by ferry?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

View of the DFDS ferry in Oslo, Norway

View of the DFDS ferry in Oslo, Norway

Travelling between Scandinavia countries? Most travellers will buy an air ticket and take a flight. However, cheap flights are uncommon within Scandinavia countries. Instead, a good way to save a day of travelling and a night's stay at an expensive hotel is to take an overnight ferry from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Travel from Oslo, and wake up in Copenhagen! What's not to like about that?

How much does it costs?

We paid 145 pounds (about 256 SGD) for two people in a DFDS sea-view cabin with bunk beds, inclusive of the bus from the port to Copenhagen City Centre on arrival. For more cost-savings, you may want to choose the inside cabin (no windows) from 89 pounds.

DFDS Ferry Ticket

DFDS Ferry Ticket while waiting to board

Do book your tickets online prior to your trip, as your desired room may be sold out!

Oslo Train Station > Oslo DFDS Ferry Terminal

Oslo DFDS Ferry Terminal,

Akershusstranda 31 0150 Oslo, Norway

The ferry from Oslo departs from the DFDS Ferry Terminal, a 5-minutes bus-ride from the Oslo Central Station.

Take Bus 60 (to Vippetangen) from the tram station outside the Jernbanetorget T-bane Station. From there, you will be able to see the DFDS terminal and you can take a short stroll there.

Although the ferry only departs at 4.30pm, boarding starts at 3.15pm and you will have to be on the ferry latest by 4.15pm, so do plan your journey!

When arriving at the ferry terminal, go to the ticket counter and exchange your booking confirmation with a ticket that will gain you access to the ferry!

Oslo > Copenhagen on the DFDS Ferry

After clearing passport and ticket checks, it is time to board the ferry!

Walkway to the DFDS cabins

Walkway to the cabins

Like your typical cruise, you will be given your room number on the ferry card. There are signs everywhere onboard the ferry that will lead you to your room.

Sea-view cabin with bunk beds

Sea-view cabin with bunk beds

It is no doubt a small cabin, but it will be sufficient for your overnight journey. Private bathrooms and showers are available, just like a hotel room! It will be handy also if you do not have much luggage. Feel free to enjoy the facilities on board the cruise thereafter!

The ferry was a small one, but it had restaurants for you to fill your stomachs, duty-free shops (with a lot of good deals), an arcade, bars, and nightclubs. You may also want to enjoy the sundeck in the summer when the weather's not as freezing.

View of the lobby onboard the DFDS cruise to Copenhagen, Denmark

View of the lobby onboard the DFDS cruise to Copenhagen, Denmark

Duty free shopping onboard the DFDS ferry

There is a huge store in the ferry, and it stocks a good selection of confectionary, perfumes, alcohols, branded clothing, and souvenirs. There's definitely something for everyone.

You can also enjoy dining at the restaurants (do reserve your seats in advance when booking online), or get some snacks at the cafe.

DFDS ferry leaving Oslo, Norway

DFDS ferry leaving Oslo, Norway

After having your fill of the entertainment onboard, rest in your cabins until it reaches Copenhagen! What's interesting is that they will have a bell and announcement about 2 hours before arrival to wake guests up. You can choose to also have breakfast in the restaurants before leaving.

We chose #sleep over #food this time.

The ferry arrived promptly at 9.30am at Copenhagen DFDS Ferry Terminal.

Copenhagen DFDS Ferry Terminal > Copenhagen City Centre

For guests who purchase the shuttle, there will be buses waiting outside the terminal on your arrival. These buses bring you to Nørreport station where you can take the subway to your accommodation.

The next time you travel within Scandinavia, do consider taking an overnight ferry that saves you time and money, instead of flying!



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