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How to get from Valencia to Seville, Spain?

How to get from Valencia to Seville, Spain?

Planning for your next trip to Seville and wondering how will you ever get from one city to the next? Wondering if you should fly, drive, take a train or bus? We've got you covered!

Getting from Valencia to Seville by train

This, in my opinion, is the best way to get from Valencia to Seville.

How to get from Valencia to Seville, Spain?

To get to Valencia, you can take the Renfe AVE, which is a high-speed train that allows you to reach in under 4 hours. The train can go as fast as up to 310km/h. So yes, you don't just get the Shinkansen experience in Japan, you can get it in Spain too!

For those who are planning for a Spanish trip and will be taking a lot of the trains may also want to consider purchasing a rail pass.

We've also wrote extensively on a step-by-step guide to book your renfe tickets online, so hope that will help you in your booking process!

Besides the 4 hours, do also take into account that there will be luggage checks before you board the train so do give yourselves ample time (about 30 to 40 minutes before your train departure).

Another plus point for train travel would be the fact that most train stations are already situated within the city. This also cuts down the time taken to travel from and to your accommodation. For those who love travelling with heavy and large luggage, the price of these bulky items are also included in your fare. This means that you do not have the need to pay anything extra to bring an extra bag!

However, the cons of train travel is that it can be quite pricey (even more than flights) if you do not book before hand. But this can be circumvented by booking your train tickets in advance! :)

In summary, for train travels:

+ Total travelling time of below 4 hours

+ Gets you right into the heart of Seville

+ No additional charges for luggage

- Tickets can be pricey if not booked in advance

Getting from Valencia to Seville by Flight

With numerous budget airlines in Europe nowadays, one may think that this would be the cheapest and fastest way to travel. Although the flight time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will need to travel out of the city and to the airport plus give yourselves some time to pass through immigration... And if that's the case, the price may add up if you include transfers from the cities to the airport and vice versa.

In summary, for flight:

+ Relatively inexpensive, you can get good deals

- Total travelling time of about 5 hours including transfers to and fro city centre

Getting from Valencia to Seville by Driving

This is another popular option and is great for those who want to fit in smaller cities, when travelling from Valencia to Seville. It is also quite a nice drive along the way and you can find many car rental companies online or in Valencia itself! However, because of the AVE high-speed train, driving takes a much longer time (about 6 hours) since you cannot possibly go up to 300km/h like the Renfe train!

Should you choose to drive, always make sure that you find reputable car companies and you may want to find international chains that allow you to drop off your car at the destination rather than driving all the way back. Also, driving in Spain requires you to have a valid international driving permit. They are quite strict on this and you won't be able to get your car even if you have already made reservations if you fail to show your permit!

In summary, for driving:

+ Make pit stops anytime, anywhere

- May be more expensive

- Taxing for the person driving

- Requires you to get an international driving permit

- Much longer than the train (about 6 hours)

Getting from Valencia to Seville by bus

Bus travels are relatively affordable and you can find cheap tickets on Alsa. However, bus rides can be bumpy and is not as smooth as travelling by train. In this case, buses also are much longer than trains! Some buses may not have toilets or make pit stops so that means holding your pee for the next six to seven hours! If all that's fine with you then go ahead!

In summary, for bus travels:

+ Cheapest!

+ Takes you directly to the heart of the city

- Bumpy rides

All in all, the best way to get from Valencia to Seville is, in our opinion, the Renfe AVE high-speed train!

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