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Komeda’s Coffee: Japan’s Best Kept Breakfast Secret

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Komeda Coffee, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

Love coffee? How about toast? What if we tell you that you can get the best of all these at an affordable price at Komeda's Coffee in Japan?

Free toast before 11am

The early bird catches free breakfast! Head over to Komeda's coffee before 11am and you'll get to have a half slice of toast with spreads and a side of homemade egg mayo or red bean paste for free with every cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee at Komeda's starts at around 480 yen and should you feel that the half slice of thick toast is insufficient, you can add on 200 yen for the other half. Or even a breakfast roll as pictured above.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Starbucks coffee but when in Japan, how can you say no to Komeda's?

Not only do they serve affordable breakfast, they have a great selection of other food items such as pasta, katsu sandwiches, beef stew, ham and cheese, and more. During this trip to Hokkaido, we had Komeda's coffee almost every day. Even at times when we slept in and missed the 11am breakfast, we'd still head in to try their other all-day breakfast selections.

Sometimes, we even head to Komeda's for dessert after dinner!

Comforting atmosphere

Not only were we impressed by their food selections, we also enjoyed the service and atmosphere at this Japanese cafe chain. Every store we go to had the same light beech wood theme with high ceilings. The seats, unlike, most cafes with an open theme, featured tiny little booths. That made us feel like we can always retreat to their comfortable space and have a private conversation.

Free parking

Plus, if you're taking a road trip around and drive a car, our experience in Hokkaido is that there's always free parking. If you do need to go through a gantry and is issued a ticket, you can most often pass the ticket to the cashier when you pay up. Free parking is typically for 90 or 120 minutes - extremely useful if you're trying to find parking in the busy city.

Still not convinced? You'll have to try it for yourself when in Japan!



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