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Korio, more than just a hole-in-the-wall breakfast sandwich & donuts joint

Walking around the CBD and feeling those hunger pangs? Craving for some grilled cheese sandwich?

Then you’ve got to head to Korio! Located at Far East Square, just above Telok Ayer MRT station on the downtown line, lies a quaint little donut and grilled cheese sandwich store!

We visited on a public holiday where we thought that we could avoid the CBD peak lunch time crowd. To our surprise, we found lots of people picnicking at the tables outside Korio, each munching onto their breakfast sandwich wrapped in a brown paper wrapping, bright and early at 10.30am!

We were fortunate that there wasn’t a queue when we arrived but the donuts at the display were almost all out!

The little store had little visual aids in terms of the menu and people who went there seemed to be regulars, or somehow knew exactly what to order. We asked for the best seller and ordered a Breakfast Sammy ($12)!

We were told that there will be a 15 - 20 minutes wait so we took our time to explore Far East Square!

The mall was relatively quiet on a public holiday and we particularly like the outdoor walkway. We wanted to get some coffee from Ya Kun while we waited but came back with nothing as most of the stores were closed!

15 minutes whizzed past and we were greeted with a hot piping breakfast sandwich! The queue started to form then and we were so thankful for being one of the earlier birds :P

Though there were some seats right outside the joint, we decided not to squeeze with the crowd and took our sandwiches out.

The Breakfast Sammy from Korio was simply the best. The egg mayo was seasoned well and spilled out of the freshly fried brioche bun and spam! Each bite was filled with creamy eggs alongside the crispy texture of the bread and spam. There wasn’t a cheese pull as cheddar was used and we felt that the cheese wasn’t too overpowering and complemented the other flavours well!

Will I return?

Aside from having to be patient due to the long wait time, the answer is a resounding YES! Even right now, I’m thinking about that toasted brioche!


135 Amoy Street, #01-03, Far East Square, Singapore 049964


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