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Main Street Commissary

There’s a new kid on the block at Farrer Park, about 8 minutes away from the MRT station! Upon hearing that a new cafe has opened up, I was excited to be one of the first few to check it out!

On a warm weekday afternoon, I set out in search for the establishment on Rowell Road. I was delighted to find a clean white spacious cafe with an unassuming storefront. As with all Covid-19 safe management measures, we had to take our temperatures and SafeEntry before we were allowed in. Main Street Commissary was still in its soft launch period when I first visited so they only had cakes, pastries and coffee. I visited a second time a week later to try their salad bar and I was delightfully surprised!

Definitely a good salad place to go to if you’re in the area!

Salad Bar

For $7.90, you get to select 2 bases, 4 supplements and 1 dressing.

The bases were quite interesting as they had soba and sweet potatoes to choose from. Some other noteworthy supplements that I haven’t got to try are the Japanese pumpkin and the beetroot. They also have quite a few fruits to select from, which is slightly different from most salad bars that feature more grilled or seasoned vegetables - great for feel fat days!

I also topped up my salad with smoked salmon as a protein for an additional $3. Some other protein options are grilled chicken ($2), tuna ($2) and smoked duck ($3).

The salad was really clean and fresh and tastes really good with their dressing. I chose the Japanese dressing which is a soy-based dressing (I think) that is citrusy, tangy with a nice kick of heat! The dressing went really well with the soba and romaine lettuce base that I chose and provided a different taste from the usual balsamic vinegarette.

Because most of the vegetables are non-seasoned, it was an extremely clean meal. They also provided the dressing at the side so you get to dress up your salad as you like and won’t get one drenched with too much dressing!


I tried their iced long black on the first visit and their flat white on the second visit. I would think that non-coffee lovers may find a liking to the coffee here as it is quite light to the palate, neither tending to the bitter nor the sour extreme ends.

But for me, I like my coffee stronger and to have a slightly bitter aftertaste hence I’ve placed a mental note to try the Magik on my third visit!


I didn’t have the opportunity to taste the croissants, pain au chocolat, or any of the cakes but they looked superbly yummy as they say behind the counter. They will also offer to heat it up for you whether you purchase it to-go or eat it in the cafe.

All in all, I would say this new kid on the block has got lots of potential. It’s definitely on my must-visit list if I’m looking for a salad in the area!

Main Street Commissary

81 Rowell Rd, Singapore 208014



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