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Marche in Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Just tried cooking instant rosti that I bought from Ikea a few days back and it wasn't that nice... Missing the Rostis that I had in Switzerland, not particularly the one from Marche in Zurich Airport but it will do for now...

We've got the entire Marche concept right in Singapore as the one we visited in Switzerland had the exact same atmosphere as the ones we have in Singapore. The green cow, all the beautifully display of food, fruits, cakes, et cetera.

While waiting for our flight back, we have got to try the rosti from the origin! Yum yum! Marche's rosti is good, but if you are heading to Switzerland, don't just stop at Marche. You've got to try their local restaurants as well. Our favourite one's still got to be at Restaurant Lotschberg in Bern, Switzerland. It's a pity that the last time we only managed to transit at Zurich and did not manage to head back to Bern for this amazing rosti!

When in Switzerland, try Rivella, a swiss soft drink that tastes a something in-between root beer and ginger beer. It is also not too sweet and great for our tastebuds!


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