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Olens New Clear Daily Contact Lens

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

While Olens have long made a name for themselves in affordable coloured contact lens, did you know that they now also have clear daily soft disposable contact lens? Yes, the new O2 edition is a daily disposable lens that is ultra thin, highly breathable with long-lasting moisture and is easy to wear!

Rather than going to two separate providers to purchase your contact lens, you can now buy it all from OLens Global. Especially for working adults and students in school, you may not want to wear colour contact lenses for your important meetings. Previously, I used to have a separate stockpile of non-coloured contacts for formal business events and I’m really glad that I can now purchase everything at the same store!

The O2 edition comes in a box of 30 lenses and currently they also offer 10 free trial pieces. That makes a total of 40 lenses for only $32 USD. Should you want to save more, buy them in bulk of 2, 3, or 4 boxes (30 lenses in each box)!

Features of O2 edition

Ultra Thin

The lenses are only 0.075mm which makes it superbly comfortable to wear and you’ll hardly even notice it’s there in your eyes!

High Water Content

Each of the lenses contain a high water content of 55%! Long-term contact lens users will know how important that is should you want to wear the contacts for long hours. It is unlikely for you to face the problem of having dry eyes at the end of the day.

To demonstrate how moist the contacts are, you can take a look at this experiment Olens did! I’m not sure about you, but I’m convinced by the video because I’ve personally encountered times when I’ve removed my daily contacts and left them on my sink. The next day when I wake up, these lenses are hard and breaks at the slightest touch.

I’m thrilled to find out that the O2 edition lenses still remain moist!

Ease of wear

The lenses are soft and features a dry cast moulding to keep it from going out of shape. It was very easy for me to put in and to take out the lenses. It is also just very slightly tinted so that you can actually differentiate it from the solution when taking it out from its packaging.

If you look closely enough, you’ll also notice the Coopervision brand there so it suggests some form of tie-up and that you can be assured that your eyes are in good hands with Olens!

What if I want monthly contacts?

For users who are looking for monthly contacts, Olens also offers the SILIO Silicon Hydrogel clear contact lens.

Similar to the O2 edition, it also has a high water content of 55% to give your lasting moisture throughout the day. This costs $29 per box of 2 lens, perfect for a month.

All in all, even though objectively speaking, the clear contacts aren’t quite the cheapest in the market but the ease of getting everything at a one-stop store like Olens will make purchasing quite convenient.

They also offer Worldwide Shipping with DHL Fast Shipping that reaches you in 3 - 5 business days. So forget the days of running out of contacts because Olens will come to your rescue quite quickly!

So what are you waiting for? Cart your lenses out from OLens Global today!

Disclaimer: I have been wearing OLens for over 6 months now. OLens have kindly sent me the O2 edition contact lens to review. This post however is not sponsored and all thoughts and comments are my own.



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