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Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse: Steakcation and Anniversary Promotions

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

It’s been awhile since I last visited Hilton for its Steak Sharing Platters and it’s over-the-top fries! This last time I was there, the world hasn’t yet got acquainted with Covid-19 and we could all still go places!

Nevertheless, I’m glad to be back to have some steak, bottomless wine (albeit with a 2-hour time limit) and enjoy the company of my family.

Hilton Hotel Foodie Staycation - Opus Steakcation

I must say for those who love going for staycations or for those lusting the overseas hotel lifestyle should book a night or two at Hilton’s Steakcation!

Hilton Hotel Singapore has rolled out 4 different Foodie Staycation Packages and what we‘re focusing on here is the Opus Steakcation.

From $265++ per night, besides getting a hotel room stay, you’ll get an Opus Sharing Steak (feeds two) with free flow red and white wine for 2 full hours. Breakfast is also included in the package.

Hilton Hotel Singapore Guest Room

While many teenagers aren’t too impressed with Hilton Singapore’s rooms as compared to the modern, hip hotels, the package is certainly of great value as you get to enjoy a sumptuous meal along with your stay. Opus’s Sharing Steaks cost upwards of $138 with the free flow wine at $15 each, which means your meal will already set you back $168, or $178 according to the website. You’re only “topping up“ an additional $100 to enjoy a usually premium Hilton product.

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse

Now that we got the hotel stay tie-up out of the way, let’s focus on what we’re here for... the food!

We came as a party of six (yes, still well within Covid safe management’s 8 pax rules). Since we had 1 Foodie Steakcation, we ordered 2 more sharing platters, some sides, and topped up the free flow wine for the additional 4 people.

The meal started with a serving of bread and butter. Since we were all hungry, we whisked down the bread basket really quickly while waiting.

The staff also quickly came around to asked what wine we would like to start off with. We all opted for a glass of white before switching out to red when our steaks came!

1.2 kg Whiskey-Aged Rangers Valley Wagyu Tomahawk

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

If you like dining with all the theatrics, then this should top your list! This sharing platter is available for an additional $20 if you’re redeeming the Opus Steakcation. Otherwise, it costs $158 as a regular item in the menu.

After serving it on your table, the chef will come in to flambé your steak. The cheerful and friendly chef even asked if we’re ready to capture the flame! It was so much fun seeing the entire 1.2kg meat light up in flames!

The meat itself was lovely. Tomahawk is essentially a ribeye steak with the rib bone left intact. The exterior of the steak was nicely charred with a pinkish hue in the middle. There were also sufficient fatty portions for those who enjoy the fats from the steak.

Finally, the bone-in Tomahawk can even channel those Flintstone vibes as you chew down whatever’s left on the bone! 😂

1kg Australian Black Angus Porterhouse

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

We ordered this so that we could enjoy the March / April Anniversary promotion at Opus. This March / April 2021, order one of their three selected sharing platters to get half a dozen oysters on the house!

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

And that was what we did! The oysters came with wedges of lemon plus tiny bottles of Tabasco and a savoury sauce. The oysters tasted really fresh with little to no briny taste and when paired with some white wine, it was the best!

At $148, you’ll get a nice big piece of Porterhouse Steak with its distinctive T-bone. What’s interesting about Porterhouse is that you’re essentially getting two cuts in one slab. One side of the T features the tender Tenderloin (or a fillet cut) and the other side the Strip with its rich depth of beefy flavour!

500g Wagyu Sirloin and 500g Boston Lobster

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

This was, I must say, the star of the day. Everyone loved the Wagyu best, even though it was a Sirloin cut, meaning little fats in the meat.

The Boston lobster was also grilled really well and it’s meat was juicy and tasted of the ocean! The only downside was that there were just too little lobsters for everyone! Well, but we can’t complain as this was meant to serve 2 people!

You can order this as part of the Foodie Steakcation, or it’ll cost $148 in the regular menu.

Sides, sides, sides

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

A must-order is Opus over-the-top fries! We fell in love with these fries after having it the previous time we visited Opus and they had a free-flow promotion last year which had 3 full portions even though we were so full!

At $15, these crispy on the outside and soft on the inside fries were fried with foie gras fat and topped with black truffle purée and Parmesan.

Once you start, you simply can’t stop when you pop one of these into your mouths.

We also got the Creamed Spinach with Egg ($10) and the Portobello Mushrooms ($8). Both of which are great sides to pair with the platters of steak.

The Wine

We’re not sure what wine they offered but having $15 of free flow wine for 2 hours is a great deal because you’re essentially paying a glass for having too-many-glasses. You can get this deal when you order one of their selected sharing platters. For those who want some free-flow bubbly Prosecco (plus red and white wines), you’ll have to foot $20++ instead of the $15.

The red wine they served on the day we were there had a slight tinge of sweetness that we thought brought out the flavours of the meat really well.

All of us each had about 1 glass of white and 2 glasses of red, which makes the “buffet“ worth every dollar!

The Service

Honestly, the service was much better the previous time we were there. Perhaps due to the popularity of the Opus Steakcation or generally how the travel ban has restricted travel, the restaurant was packed on a weekday night. As such, the staff didn’t have much time to chat or speak to us and were basically busy refilling our glasses and serving us food.

The Desserts

To end off the meal, we also tried some of Opus desserts.

Opus Bar and Grill Steakhouse at Hilton Hotel Singapore

As if the flambé wasn’t enough, we had the flame-boyant banana ($14). The caramelised grilled bananas were warm and sweet after the flambé paired with a slight acidity from the citrus gelato.

The Stroll in the Forest ($14) is another must-order as it was presented to us, smoked in applewood chips in a glass cover. Everyone loved the chocolate mousse with the crumbly chocolate soil that adds a different texture to the dessert.

We also had the Hilton famous cheesecake ($10) as ”birthday cakes”!

Final Verdict?

All in all, I would say, even without the Foodie Steakcation, I will keep going back to Opus Bar and Grill. We love the steaks and the ambience of the restaurant (even though it was quite full on a weekday night).

So if you’re still wondering about the Steakcation or even Opus Steakhouse, look no further and book your visit!



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