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Skiing at the MOST peaceful ski resort in Oslo, Norway!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Winter in Oslo, Norway

Tryvann Ski Resort @ Oslo Vinterpark

A mere 40 minutes away from Oslo City Centre, the Tryvann Ski Resort is the ultimate ski destination for anyone looking for an adventure while visiting Oslo, Norway.

To get there, we had to take the Number 1 T-bane Metro towards Frognerseteran to the second-last stop, Voksenkollen. It was a very scenic ride, as we passed through the fjords on the train.

[For those who want to visit Holmenkollbakken - the oldest Ski Museum and Ski Tower - this is the same train that you should take, alighting at Holmenkollen.]

T-band Metro, Oslo, Norway

A short train ride later, you should arrive at Voksenkollen. If you're unsure, just look out for the stop where many teenagers holding their snowboards or skis alight! It seems like most people on the train were heading to the Ski Park.

Voksenkollen, Oslo, Norway Metro Station

Now, there's actually a shuttle bus that would take you all the way to the ski park. While we were taking in all the sights, we saw that the bus had driven off! So we decided to walk to the park.

There are signs to lead you to the park, or you could just again, follow the ski-ers and snowboarders. You will have to cross a bridge across the station and walk up an uphill path. I promise that it would be the best climb ever! It was sunny and the ground was covered with snow.

How to walk to Tryvann Winterpark, Oslo, Norway

A good place to take pictures of your #ootd, or just to soak in the atmosphere!

Getting to Tryvann Ski Park, Oslo, Norway

You know you're close when you see this sign!

There are then two paths from this sign, take the one on the left. Well, we didn't know better and took the one on the right, and ended on the ski slope itself. We then had to try not to slip while getting down to the ski rental area.

Oslo VinterPark, Oslo Sommerpark

Treacherous path to the Oslo Vinterpark!

The ski pass is also quite affordable considering how expensive skiing is in other parts of the world.

We got the:

Drop-in (10am - 5pm) Pass - 430 NOK (about 73 sgd)

Complete Ski Equipment for a day - 300 NOK (about 52 sgd)

Jacket and Pants [optional if you brought yours] - 100 NOK (about 17 sgd)

TOTAL: 830 NOK (142 sgd) per pax

Please rent the jacket and pants if you are not wearing waterproof clothing, it can get pretty wet after falling a few times! On that note, I should have also gotten the right gloves...

After getting all that gear, it is time to ski!

Ski trip at Tryvann Winter Park, Oslo, Norway

There are 18 slopes, 11 lifts (including 3 chair lifts) at the park. It also caters to ski-ers of different abilities. There's a children's area for beginners, and the other slopes for the more advanced ski-ers.

Do take note that skiing in Europe tend to be more challenging as compared to skiing in Asia (in my opinion). Even though I did try skiing before, I felt that the intermediate ski was steep and I couldn't quite control the skis well.

One can still try the children ski! After falling down countless times, we decided to relax at the children's ski area instead.

For hungry skiiers, there's also a restaurant to rest your feet, and warm your cold bodies at the bottom of the children's ski area. We shared this huge pizza for lunch.

Food at Tryvann Winterpark, Oslo, Norway

What I really like about Tryvann Ski Park is that we could still ski even though it was dark. As we were in Oslo in winter, the sky turns dark around 3 - 4pm. We managed to get a few more slopes till about 5pm before we left for the day!

We also observed many families coming to the ski park (possibly after work and school) while we were living.

That is the life huh! Having a ski park near the city also means an after-work/school activity anytime you want! #luckythem

Tryvann Ski Park @ Oslo Winter Park

Tryvannsveien 64, 0791 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 - 22:00, Saturday – Sunday: 10:00-17:00



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