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The Breakfast Club - London, United Kingdom

The Breakfast Club

Be warned! Wait in line to enter the doors of this trendy Soho establishment! If you are patient enough, you'll definitely be rewarded with a hearty breakfast!

On our visit to The Breakfast Club, we made plans to visit the original diner at D'Arblay Street right when the diner opens. However, the sleepy bug crept up on us and we only managed to arrive at the restaurant at about 10am or so. Thankfully, it wasn't that crowded on a weekday morning and we only had to wait approximately 30 minutes or so to get our seats! So folks who wish to visit The Breakfast Club, do get there early!

The cafe is a small cosy space that has bright yellow painted walls with lots of quirky decor. We were ushered to our seats and were given menu to pick. There was simply too many to pick from, but we finally decided on the standard English Breakfast and the Egg Benedict!

The food was delicious and reasonably priced. We loved the roasted potatoes that were well-seasoned as well as the oily, fatty sausages and bacon!

Service was great too! Despite the fact that there was a crazy long line outside the cafe, we didn't feel particularly rushed to finish our meal. However, since it is a small establishment, the tables were relatively close to one another and we didn't feel that free to chat to our hearts content.

Nonetheless, the vibrant yellow walls will definitely brighten your day! Make The Breakfast Club your first stop when exploring the Soho area!

33 D'Arblay Street




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