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The most magical place on earth! Disneyworld Magic Kingdom, Orlando, United States of America

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Disneyworld Magic Kingdom, Orlando, United States of America

Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom would be the most familiar park out of the four as it is the one that you see in all other Disneylands worldwide! Easily recognisable by the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Magic Kingdom is the most magical place on earth! :) There was so much inertia to start writing this blog post because there has been just so many other posts on Disney World Magic Kingdom, so what should we write about? Since this will eventually be part of our series on our First Timers Guide to DisneyWorld Orlando, we decided to just jot down some of our experiences!

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What to do at Magic Kingdom Orlando Disneyworld, United States?

With 6 areas in the park, there's definitely lots to do at Magic Kingdom. Firstly, definitely take all the rides (as far as possible, that is)! But if you are short on time, here are some of the rides we suggest!

For adventurous souls like us, definitely take the following rides!

In Frontier Land,

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Fastpass offered)

Though there are no huge drops here, the bumpy ride and sharp turns would send you reeling from your seat! This is also a ride that you can take with your kids.

2. Splash Mountain (Fastpass offered)

This is a water ride and only go for this in the summer, or if you are not afraid of freezing in the cold thereafter!

In TomorrowLand

3. Space Mountain (Fastpass offered)

Another mountain but this is an indoor roller coaster in the dark that feature fast turns and it goes quite quickly too!

4. Tomorrowland Speedway (Fastpass offered)

Even though this is not exactly a thrill ride, it is, in our opinion, a ride that one should take. Especially if you have your kids in tow, they will definitely enjoy this racecar-like ride around the racetrack!

In Fantasy Island

5. It's a Small World (Fastpass offered)

This is a classic ride and a must-go for anyone visiting Disneyland. It is somehow very heartwarming to hear dolls singing the song in various languages.

In Liberty Square,

6. Haunted Mansion (Fastpass offered)

This isn't all that scary but it is quite a fun ride to scream and laugh at one another's silly antics while feeling scared!

In Adventure Land,

7. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Fastpass offered)

A different take on a carousel-like ride, imagine yourselves to be floating on a magic carpet at this ride. A little bit more suitable for young children than thrill-seekers, perhaps go for this ride as a rest-stop from the thrill rides!

Besides the rides, there are also some shows at Magic Kingdom. One that is a must-see is Mickey's PhilharMagic. You'll get to see Mickey along with his friends in a orchestra.

Finally, you absolutely must not miss the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. I would say it is the highlight of Magic Kingdom as all your favourite Disney characters will dance and parade in the park. The 12-minute long parade attracts people of all ages and if you do wish to get a good spot, look for the cordoned off area before the parade and get your spot!

Pro tip: For those who aren't interested in the Festival of Fantasy Parade (which you should), you could take this chance when the entire park is consumed by the parade and head to those rides with superbly long queues. There may still be a queue as many people do not know when the parade begins, but it is definitely much shorter than usual.


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