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Things to Know about Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari Singapore

Right now, all of us are probably feeling like a cooked potato sitting on our couch with a couple years of epidemic restrictions and temperatures surging resulting in scorching heat. Having seen the same interior of our, no matter how, lovely homes days are on a loop and life’s getting tedious. Like chauffeurs need a continuous change of scenery to not fall asleep, you may too, need the same to live a little in this span of your life. Memories, the only thing you and only you can own unless shared by the situation itself, unstealable and the most cherished moments of life filled with warmth and joy.

And what other way to be at peace than being truly close to nature? When you can be a part of nature, why be apart from it? The renowned Mandai, Night Safari in Singapore opens a door to nocturnal life for its visitors ensuring a beyond money’s worth experience. Sheltering over 19,000 animals of over 900 species, Mandai provides for their hygiene, food, care etc.

Things to know about Night Safari Singapore

Let me give you a glimpse of this tour.

● Guided Tram Ride:

A trip through the sanctuary in the solace of a tram sounds like a perfect plan of adventurous relaxation. Accompanied with informative audio narration, the tram takes you through the habitat of the untamed. Along with the non-exhausting trip, the tram also has special slots for wheelchairs. Even strollers on rent are provided for the toddlers upon request.

● Fishing Cat Trail:

Following the wild on every step, anticipating their next move to watch these predators hunt down their prey! Sounds like a Sunday! Fishing Cat, Pangolin, Common Palm Civet, Barking Deer, Indian Gharial, Malayan Flying Fox, Slow Loris etc. are only some of the natural predators you will see in the Fishing Cat Trail. Are you ready to see how it's done?

● East Lodge Trail:

Where Savannah meets Tropical, trail through the forest and have a look of how wild lives in the wild. Animals from Africa and Asia residing together can be seen during the trail. You can meet Sloth bear, Spotted Hyena, Babirusa, Malayan Tiger, Bongo and Aardvark once you start from the East Lodge Tram Station.

● Events :

By now you should have guessed there's a lot to do in Mandai. ‘Discover Mandai’ is about watching nature through the lens of local photographers scheduled from 21st February to 31st May 2022. ‘Photo contest’, in the same period, is taking your best shot along the given themes and winning the most exciting prizes. ‘Evening in the Wild’ as the name goes, is a trip under the starry sky. Bringing many more events and programmes as your service, Mandai always keeps it fun for its guests. Hosting promotional events like ‘Taste of Malaysia’, the Night Safari of Singapore contributes to the culture as well as nature, by bringing you the authentic taste of Malaysian cuisine. Indian Rhinoceros Feeding, Signature Tours and Creatures of the Night Show are some of the special events at Mandai to introduce some more friendly wilds.

● Virtual Experiences:

Mandai makes saying ‘Hello’ to its residents easy, by giving you a chance to virtually interact with them. ‘Animal Behavior and Training- Sea Lions’ allows you to watch these exquisite creatures of water with Mandai’s care team. Breeding and hatching, these new chicks of Mandai are making their first squeaks at ‘Animal Care- Breeding and Research Center’, where you get to see the process closely. Flight is made easier by the Dr.Gabrina in Mandai, by utmost care and regular check-ups. Get to know how she does it and shoot your questions in this wonderful session of knowledge and joy.

● Plans and Projects:

With a magnificent animal kingdom and even more beautiful fauna to protect and grow, Mandai continuously works and puts efforts into many reservation projects with the help of governments and local public. Adhering to UN sustainable development goals, Mandai takes financial as well as efforts in kind to keep the ecosystem running smoothly.

● How can you help?

Seeing this wildlife closely makes us want to protect it more fiercely. And Mandai has made it possible through many ways. ‘Adopt an Animal’ enables the public to adopt any animal to their name with certification which helps Mandai in its maintenance. Financial support of certain sums can be accumulated through ‘Micro Sponsorships’. This support helps to maintain vet care and nutritious meals, animal enrichment programmes, rehabilitation of local wildlife and enhancement of habitat.

Opening hours of The Night Safari Singapore, Mandai are from 6:30pm to 12am on Thursdays to Sundays, public holidays and selected school holidays. Online booking enables you to conveniently select the parks, tours, trails and treks of your liking. Memberships are available if you want to be a part of Mandai for its betterment. Mandia gives you an experience of a lifetime. Book your visit now!



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