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Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park located right in the middle of Copenhagen city! It is the second-oldest theme park in the world, and is easily accessible since it is situated right outside Copenhagen's Central Station.

We love how Tivoli has a rustic feel, and how it lights up when the skies turn dark!

Entrance of Tivoli Gardens (albeit with the view of the ugly crane)


Note that Tivoli Gardens has a different ticketing system than most theme parks. They charge an entrance fee (get discounted Tivoli tickets on Klook), and some of the rides require additional tickets. We thought that this was a good idea as not everyone visits theme parks for the rides. This way, even our grandparents can enter the park and enjoy the atmosphere and food, without having to pay the high price. That was what we noticed; in the evening, many elderly locals and working adults entered to enjoy the decorations in the park.

Entrance tickets: 120 dkk (~26 sgd)

Unlimited ride tickets: 290 dkk (~63 sgd)

Total: 410 dkk (~89 sgd) for adults

Like most theme parks, do plan to visit Tivoli on weekdays as there will be less crowds and shorter waiting times!

Tivoli in December

The experience at Tivoli was phenomenal, especially so because we almost didn't have to queue up for any of the rides. There were virtually no queues for most of the rides (except the kiddy rides). The park was also extremely beautiful with the Christmas decorations.

Polar bears with Santa hats greeted us when we entered

Ice Palace

Decorations in Tivoli Gardens

Even though it was freezing that day, Tivoli ensured that all its guests were comfortable. There were many fireplaces around the park for theme park goers to warm their freezing fingers!

Charcoal fire in Tivoli Gardens

And nope, no electronic burners, but REAL authentic, traditional charcoal fire! Warm toasty fingers alert! :)

The Rides

The Monsoon at Tivoli Gardens

The Monsoon at Tivoli Gardens

Rides at Tivoli were suited for both the young and old. We didn't try most of the children's rides but focussed our attention to the thrilling ones. One of the more thrilling one is this ride shown above, The Monsoon. It hoists you up and takes you 360 degrees around. The other ride was The Golden Tower, which is a vertical drop ride. The Roller Coaster, one of the oldest wooden rollercoaster, was one of our favourites as the ride was so smooth! Thrill-seekers absolutely must try The Demon, a wild ride that has three loops before it reaches the highest point of 28 metres!

Tivoli lights

Tivoli lights

When it becomes dark at around 3pm, the park lights up! A beautiful scene indeed. At around 6pm or so, when the working adults end their work, Tivoli Gardens bustle with activity, turning it almost into a Christmas Market of sorts.

We recommend anyone visiting Copenhagen to include Tivoli in their itinerary!



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