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Travel to Spain at Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Nestled at an unassuming corner coffeeshop under Block 18 Toh Yi Drive, you’ll find Don Quijote! I would say, if you‘re missing Spain, they do offer quite authentic Spanish cuisine, with Valencia Paella and a variety of Tapas! 😊

The restaurant was previously situated at Dempsey Hill but moved to their current Cloud Kitchen due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. They are currently focusing their efforts on delivery but you can still head over to eat at their Bukit Timah location.

Even though it is now in a coffeeshop, I would say that they have still tried to retain much of the Dempsey vibe with its outdoor seats.

The Food

We ordered numerous dishes ranging from starters to their mains. Do take note that their paellas do have a longer waiting time of 25 minutes, so be expected to wait!

Pimientos de Padron

These are Spanish peppers that are blistered in oil and then drizzled with sea salt and olive oil.

Even though they may look like spicy devils, they are not at all spicy!

Tortilla de Patatas

Spanish style omelettes are regular tapas or breakfast food in Spain. However, this came a little too small a serving and was quite disappointing in terms of taste and flavour given that we have eaten countless of such omelettes in Spain!

P.S: I also created a recipe video if you're interested!

Pulpo a la Gallega

I love Octopus and cannot pass on this grilled octopus arm! This dish was flavourful and the seafood took in all the flavours of olive oil and the sweet paprika! My only gripe was that it was far far too small a portion. For $28, I was really not expecting this. Each of my family members could only have one little slice and that was about it.

Callos con Chorizo

I love all things beef including tripe! This was a Madrid-style tripe stew with carrots, potatoes and a few slices of chorizo.

The food quality again does not disappoint. The tripe was flavourful and had no strong beefy taste! It came in a little clay dish and once again, I really wished for a much bigger portion!

Rabos de Toro

The oxtail stew was done in similar fashion to the tripe stew. The meat was extremely tender and falls off the bone easily. Chickpeas and carrots adorned the oxtail and were great accompaniments to the meat.

The menu stated that it was 850 grams; but we only had 3 pieces of meat. At $48, we all wanted more!

We also ordered the chicken stew for my aunt who doesn’t take beef.

Finally, the dish that I was looking forward the most to was to try the Paella!

Unlike the authentic Valencia paella that uses rabbit meat, the one at Don Quijote uses chicken and a variety of seafood. They come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

They also offer other flavours such as a Vegetarian option, Beef/Pork Chorizo, Premium seafood and Lobster! You could also opt for Fideua, a short Angel hair pasta in place of risotto rice.

The paella was authentic and is closest to the ones we’ve tasted from Valencia, Spain. For those who orders take out or deliveries, you can look forward to bring home the entire pan! 😊

Off-Peak Specials

Finally, if you go during off-peak, be sure to try their western dishes like chicken chop, chicken cutlet, fish and chips, etc. These were priced affordably from $9 onwards and tasted really good.

Fortunately we ordered some sets of these western dishes otherwise we wouldn’t be full from the small portions!

Overall, I would say, visit Don Quijote on treat yourself days because your wallet would take quite a pinch just to fill your stomach.

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant

7th Mile Coffeeshop

18 Toh Yi Drive, Singapore 590018



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