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Travelogue - 72 hours in Oslo

The capital of Norway, and the most populous city, Oslo is a great entry into Norway as many flights to other parts of the country flies off from here!

Most people visit Oslo as a pit stop into Tromso or Lofoten Islands for a chance to see the Northern lights, or visit Bergen with Norway in a Nutshell.

However, with only 3 days in Oslo, we couldn't fit in any of that and went on to explore Oslo on our own!

Day 1: Exploring Oslo's Downtown

Oslo's Downtown is easily accessible by foot. A straight road down from Oslo Central Station to the Royal Palace is a 1.5km, or a 30 minutes walk.

Since we arrived in the late afternoon, it was already dark and we decided to check in to our hotel, and take in the view of the sights in the city centre.

We stayed at Citybox Oslo for 2 nights. Citybox is located close to Oslo Central Station, and was a convenient location to head to other parts of the city. At citybox, everything is done with the help of technology. We were greeted by check-in terminals at the lobby, where it was fuss-free to get the keys to our rooms. The hotel was also well-secured as the entrance is only accessible by hotel guests.

Stay: Citybox Oslo (120 NOK on Booking.com)

Prinsens gate 6, 0152 Oslo, Norway

After checking in, we proceeded out to the streets. Our first stop was to visit the Oslo Cathedral.

Oslo Cathedral

Along the path to the Royal Palace, there was also a Christmas Market and several landmarks, including the Parliament House and the National Theatre.

Streets of Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo

Christmas Market Oslo

The Christmas Market was bustling with activities and a wide array of food, souvenirs, and games were available. There were stalls selling hot candied nuts that were oh-so-good for the freezing cold!

View of the Christmas Market

Oslo Parliament House

When travelling with children, do also visit the Spikersuppa ice-skating rink located right in front of the Parliament House.

Ferris Wheel at the Christmas Market

Oslo's National Theatre

When you've reached the end of this road, you will have to climb up a flight of stairs to get to the Royal Palace.

View of the Royal Palace

View of Oslo City Centre

What's amazing too is that if you stand right in front of the statue of the knight (where the two gentlemen are standing), you'll be able to see the Oslo Central Station and the whole of Oslo City Centre as the path is so straight. It looks even better at night where the city is all lit up!

Eat: Max Burger

Karl Johans gate 18C

Max Burger Meal

Max Burger is a Swedish hamburger restaurant chain. As food in Oslo is expensive, Max Burger was a relatively affordable and tasty option. A meal costs about 110 kr (18 sgd). Change out your fries to onion rings to complete your meal!

Day 2: Skiing at Oslo Winterpark

We wrote about Tryvann Winter Park at our blog post: Skiing at the most peaceful ski resort in Oslo Norway previously, including the costs, and how to get there!

We spent almost the entire day there and only went back for dinner. Was craving Asian food so badly so we visited Rice Bowl!

Eat: Risbolle Thai Cafe (Rice Bowl Thai Cafe)

Dronningens gate 25, 0154 Oslo, Norway

Dishes at Risbolle Thai Cafe

We got Phad Thai and a rice dish. Prices ranged from 180 kr to 210 kr (30 sgd - 35 sgd) for each dish. It is superbly expensive but that's Oslo / Norway pricing for you! Even though it simply cannot compete with all the delicious Thai food we've got in Singapore, or in Thailand, it was awesome to have hot piping food after a cold ski day!

Day 3: Sightseeing and Shopping

Vigeland Park, Oslo

We made our way to Vigeland Park. This park holds sculpture made by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures were interesting, and each of the faces have different expressions. Gustav was particularly intrigued by the relationship between men and women, as well as, the idea of man's longing for spirituality as seen as the tallest structure in the park. What's noteworthy is that this sculpture is carved from a single granite block.

Oslo's most famous 'angry boy'

Gustav's sculpture

Vigeland Park and its sculptures

Besides the sculptures, it was also a very nice walk in the park as there were little traffic. The mix of snow and autumn leaves also brought about a sense of serenity and tranquility.

Entrance to Vigeland Park

Walk towards Vigeland Park

Frozen plants

Beautiful setting sun in the park

Vigeland Park

Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway

Nearest T-bane: Majorstuen

After the park, we also visited some of the other attractions in Oslo city centre.

We took the metro to Aker Brygge, which is an area near the pier known for al-fresco seating eateries that serve upscale food. Of course, as budget travellers, we didn't try any of these restaurants. Instead, we made our way to the Nobel Peace Centre.

Nobel Peace Centre

Brynjulf Bulls plass 1, 0250 Oslo, Norway

Entrance: 100 kr

There is an entrance fee if you would like to visit the museum. As we are about to enter, a huge group of students made their way in and we decided to give it a miss. Do let us know your experience if you've visited it!

We then walked along the pier to take in the view of the fjords and cruise ships.

Oslo Pier

In the summer, you can also take a boat ride!

We continued walking on and went over to Akershus Fortress. It was quite a distance although it may seem close by from the map. Also, we had to walk uphill.

Akershus Fortress

There wasn't that much to see in the Fortress but it was a pleasant hike. We continued walking all the way to the Oslo Opera House. Definitely take a tram if you are not a walker as it was quite a long walk.

The walk towards Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Interior of Oslo Opera House

The opera house had a remarkable architecture and you could walk around to look at the building. The interior was equally breathtaking too.

After all that sightseeing, we went shopping back at the city centre, near Karl Johans Gate. There were a couple of malls such as Oslo City and Byporten Shopping.

Still felt that we needed more time in Oslo / Norway and we can't wait to be back again. The next time, probably to cover Bergen, as well as the Tromso and Lofoten Islands area!

Heading to Copenhagen after and do read our blog post on: How to get from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark by ferry?.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our travelogue! Before you plan your trip to Norway, ensure that you also avoid these 15 common mistakes when in Norway.

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