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Tribhum Theme Park (The Mystical Three Worlds) in Central Festival Phuket, Thailand

After checking out the various islands and beaches in Phuket and being under in the hot sun, perhaps you would just like to go indoors and have some fun at the indoor Tribhum Theme Park. It is one of the newest attraction in Phuket and is located right in the Floresta Zone of Central Festival Phuket Shopping Mall in Phuket Town. The indoor theme park incorporates legends and fantasy with modern interactive technology and creative storytelling.

How to get to Tribhum Theme Park?

Besides Jungceylon, Central Festival Phuket is the other mega mall on Phuket island. When the weather turns back, travellers flock to the mall for some respite and perhaps catch a movie! Over the years, Central has added more wings to the complex and the latest is the Floresta Zone which holds the Tribhum Theme Park.

Transport within Phuket isn't all that easy and accessible. There is the local pick-up truck, rot song thaew, the signature blue and yellow truck leaves at 15-minute intervals from the fresh market within the city. It runs around the island daily from 6.00am to 7.00pm. What's interesting is that there are no specific stops on the route. Instead, you'll need to press the button to inform the driver to stop whenever you want!

Otherwise, your best bet is either to rent a car or to hail a taxi or tuk tuk. Haggling is a must when taking these transport options. You may also want to try Grab for slightly cheaper fares or if you are coming from the airport, purchase a private airport transfer. For those daring enough, you may even want to rent a motorbike or ride on a motorbike taxi.

The nearest town to Central Festival Phuket is Phuket Town and it is a short 5-minute taxi ride away. Otherwise, there is actually a free shuttle service that takes you from the newer Central Patong to Central Festival Phuket and vice-versa for those staying at Patong Beach.

Address: G floor, Central Floresta Phuket, DaraSamuth Junction, Chaloemphrakiat Rama 9 Road and Vichitsongkram Road

What to expect at Tribhum Theme Park?

A much smaller theme park with only three worlds, the Tribhum Theme Park is based on the legends of Naga and Garuda and utilises mystical characters throughout the theme park. This reminds me of Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands without those cheerful Disney characters.

To find out more about the legend, you'll walk through the entire theme park and watch interesting short performances and interact with the various exhibits.

The Magic Forest World

At the front of the Magic Forest lies the Makaleetrees where the flower blossoms, looking like a charming lady. Watch an enchanted dance before you start exploring the rest of the magic forest!

Here, you can walk through the forest of Vanekampoo Monkeys, which are great photo spots.

You can also speak to the Talking Tree where the technology within the branches changes your voice.

Walk through the poisonous plants and be careful of your head! Under the tree, you could also take a photo and check which mystical creature you belong to.

At the Kinnaree pond, you could watch a performance of the Kinnarees and even take pictures with the beautifully dressed characters after the performance.

Travellers with children would absolutely love the ball pit. Heck, even the few adults who in the park there were having so much fun!

Enjoy also the colourful installations that would light up as the lights played on the lily pads. You could also walk through it and perhaps capture an instagram-worthy shot!

The Silver Mountain World

The star of the Silver Mountain World is the Silver Glider. The ride is four-storey high and reaches max speed of 45 kilometres per hour. To get on this exhilarating ride, you'll have to pay an extra fare on top of the admission tickets. When we were there, the ride was unfortunately closed for maintenance. But it does look extremely fun to fly across the "mountains".

The other attraction is the Crystal Path glass walkway. Put on some shoe cover and walk 20 metres over the Magic Forest. For those afraid of heights, hang tight to the railings on both sides!

But if you do make it through the 60 metres long bridge, it is a great spot for photographs and for a view of the rest of the theme park and the surrounding area. It was quite interesting to be in a magical world while looking at the cars whizz past!

There's also the Garuda Dome where you'll get to watch a Thai animation about the legends.

Thereafter, head to the Demon Maze. A thrilling and scary maze where "demons" run after you and scare you as you have to quickly head for the bell! The clock is ticking...

I'm not too sure if children would like this as it was actually quite scary even though it was in bright day-light! It was almost like Halloween Horror Nights but in the day. The "demons" were quite scary and I was literally screaming the entire way through.

The Underwater World

Finally head underwater for the 4D Flying Theatre. Strap up and get ready to fly across the mountains. Head to the third row for the most height! :) There's also a boat ride which require an additional ticket on top of your admission ticket.

How much are the tickets to Tribhum Theme Park?

Adult tickets are priced at 1,500 THB while child tickets are at 750 THB. Should you want to take the Silver Glider, it is at 500 THB on top of your admission tickets, and 300 THB for the boat ride.

Even though the price of the theme park tickets is not exactly cheap, should you go before it gets crowded, I would say that it is worth the price. You get to enjoy the entire park on your own without any others. When we were there, we were one of the three groups of visitors there. In total, there was only about 10 visitors - which were great. We didn't have to queue to take photographs with the characters and could spend as much time as we wanted in the theme park!

Opening Hours

The Tribhum Theme Park is opened daily from 11.00am to 6.00pm with the exception of Wednesdays.

Since Tribhum was located within Central Festival Shopping Mall, we didn't have to make a special trip to a theme park located far away and we could go shopping after visiting it. For travellers with children, Tribhum is definitely a good way to while away rainy days and to stay within the cool air-conditioned mall!

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