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What is there to do in Düsseldorf, Germany?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

That was literally my first thought when we toyed with the idea of flying into Europe via Düsseldorf, Germany. Also, because there was a Spontaneous Escapes sale on SingaporeAir which allowed us to redeem our first business class tickets on discounted miles, we thought, why not? Then began our trip planning for a month-long holiday to Europe just two weeks prior...

Many may not know that Düsseldorf is an international financial giant and the wealthiest city in Germany. Each year, it plays host to several international conferences and fairs, where important people and businesses base themselves in. Unsurprisingly, the day that we landed in Düsseldorf was also the day where there was a huge fair in the city.

The city is also a university town and the centre of fashion and art in Germany. It’s location on the Rhine river makes it a great entrance for exploring the Rhine Valley and the other cities along the river, such as Cologne and Bonn (which was what we did!). Düsseldorf is also very well-connected to the other parts of Europe such as The Netherlands, Belgium, and has overnight train connections to Vienna and Innsbruck In Austria.

It is quite a small city, but when one is slated to arrive in Düsseldorf for work, there’s still quite a bit of sightseeing to do!

1. Königsallee

Konigsalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Königsallee is Düsseldorf‘s most elegant street for high-end luxury shopping. While many people often compare this to the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, here, you’ll find yourself walking along the banks of the old town moat, with a beautiful line of trees at both sides. The entire street stretches from the Hofgarten in the north to the Graf-Adolf-Platz in the south, ending at the Triton Fountain.

While we weren’t into luxury shopping, it was fun to window shop; seeing the eclectic boutiques and fancy restaurants.

2. Old Town (Altstadt)

Old Town (Altstadt), Dusseldorf, Germany

Also known as the “longest bar in the world”, the Old Town comes alive at night with about 300 bars, clubs, and breweries concentrated in a single compact quarter. Everyone in the city heads over to party with each one having a pint or more of Altbier, their local brew. If you would like to visit a traditional bar, I’d recommend the Uerige where you get to have a little tour of the beer-making process.

In the day, when all these night establishments are still closed, head to take a look at the Rathaus (Town Hall) right at the Marktplatz (Square).

3. Rhine Embankment

Rhine Embankment, Dusseldorf, Germany

Walking further down towards the Rhine, you’ll find the Rhine Embankment, the starting point for a stroll down the riverfront. On a sunny day, it is the perfect place to spend your post-meal walks. You’ll get to see the amazing view of the Rhine Tower and the Rheinkniebrücke (Rhine Bridge); which are both amazing backdrops for an insta-worthy photograph!

For those who don‘t fancy long walks can opt to hop onto a panorama river cruise, relaxing on the spacious boat, taking in the views of the river and the magnificent architecture on the bank. There’s also an evening panorama cruise for those who visit to enjoy the night view!

4. Kunst Im Tunnel

Set below the Rhine Promenade is the Kunst Im Tunnel, a contemporary art gallery underground. For art lovers, this is a unique gallery and is definitely worth visiting!

5. Rhine Tower (Rheinturm)

Rhine Tower (Rheinturm), Dusseldorf, Germany

As one of the highest point in Dusseldorf, the Rhine Tower located on the bank of the Rhine River provides a splendid view of the city. For 9 euros (or 5 euros if you visit between 10am - 11am or after 10pm), you may even see the Cologne Cathedral on a good day! (We obviously wasn't up on a bright, sunny day :( )

Rhine Tower (Rheinturm), Dusseldorf, Germany

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Rhine Tower as we were there before 11am when everyone else was possibly asleep. We had the entire viewing deck and bar to ourselves. Up here, you can get to enjoy a morning cuppa and some snacks while taking in the views of the city.

6. Media Harbour (Medienhafen)

Previously a commercial port area, this portion of land along the Rhine has now been revitalised and transformed into a haven for architectural buffs. The postmodern buildings are a delight to see while shopping in the area for media and fashion. With old and new buildings intersperse in the area, it is definitely an interesting sight for tourists and travellers.

Some of the more well-known buildings include Gehry’s Neuer Zollhof complex, three leaning and twisting buildings covered with red brick, stainless steel, and white plaster, and the Roggendorf House, clad with brightly coloured climbing figurines, also known as Flossis, done by Rosalie, a German artist.

7. Market at Carlsplatz

Head back into the Old Town Square and where the Carlsplatz Markt is situated. Here, you’ll find locals and tourists shopping for local produce; cheese, meats, freshly baked bread and pastries, crispy and fresh-looking vegetables, you’ll find them all. If you’re feeling a little peckish, there’s also food stalls selling German favourites like currywurst, to international street food like crepes and even daal. Here’s where you could also find some souvenir to buy home!

8. Hofgarten

If you’re in for a bit more walking, head to the Hofgarten, Germany’s first and oldest park in the heart of the city. There are plenty of walking paths and bridges, as well as ponds, fountains, and ancient trees. Between May to September, there are also free Sunday morning concerts at 11am at the Hofgarten Pavillon.

Where to stay in Dusseldorf, Germany?

So, after your entire day out you’ll be aching for a good rest. We’d recommend 25 hours Hotel Dusseldorf Das Tour. We really love the 25Hours Hotel Chain as it is fun and quirky plus it offers great service.

Should you want a more affordable option, there’s the Ibis Duesseldorf City. The Ibis Hotel is part of the Accorhotel Chain and is a no-fuss hotel that features similar furnishing no matter where you go. The colour theme stays in most of its hotels and should you go on a Ibis Hotel stay all around the world, it helps that it’ll make you feel like you’re home away from home.

Have you been to Dusseldorf? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

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