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What to eat at Street Food Karavan in Budapest, Hungary?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

What to eat at Street Food Karavan in Budapest, Hungary?

Even though Budapest is indeed one of the more affordable cities in Europe, eating out can still be quite expensive especially if you are looking for traditional Hungarian cuisines. If you are looking for dinner or places to go to in Budapest, and wondering where do you go to if you want to get good and inexpensive foods?

Head to the Jewish Quarters in Budapest! Formerly known as the rundown Jewish ghetto, this area of Budapest has been revived by the younger generations, becoming an extremely hipster and cool enclave with numerous interesting cafes, takeout joints, independent designer stores, and the now popular ruin bars in dilapidated buildings!

Now, most go to the Jewish Quarters to visit the ruin bars but before heading into Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar for some booze, you may just want to fill your stomaches with traditional Hungarian food at Street Food Karavan! Located just a few metres away on the same street, Kazinczy utca 18, and in-between two old buildings, Street Food Karavan also makes a great spot for some post-drinks snacks right after chilling within the ruin bar!

At Street Food Karavan, all the food stalls are within"food-trucks" which makes it a really cool and preppy concept to get your food. There are sufficient seating area at the back of the stalls although most people were standing around and having their food on the standing tables.

So what exactly should you eat when you are there?

1. Goulash @ Goulash Station

What to eat at Street Food Karavan in Budapest, Hungary?

A good ol' Hungarian Beef Goulash is amazing for a cold night in Budapest! :) Served in a bread bowl, the beef goulash has generous chunks of beef and potatoes. The sauce goes really well with the bread too!

2. All kinds of sausages @ Kobe Sausages

What to eat at Street Food Karavan in Budapest, Hungary?

As someone who absolutely loves sausages, having kobe sausages was a no-brainer. With so many types of sausages to choose from, we couldn't decide and instead chose to have a variety of all of them at once! :)

3. Chimney Cakes (Hungarian kürtőskalács) @ Kurtos Legenda

What to eat at Street Food Karavan in Budapest, Hungary?

We first tried Chimney Cakes in Prague, Czech Republic and fell in love with it. When we were in Budapest, we saw these selling in many of the Christmas Markets. Since not everyone will be travelling to Budapest over Christmas, Kürtős Legenda - Ünnepi Kürtőskalács offers these Chimney Cakes all year round!

Hungarian kürtőskalács is a dish made with flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, yeast and salt. After kneading, the dough is then wrapped around a wooden cylindrical baking spit, rolled in sugar, before it is placed on top of hot charcoal. The result is a caramelised golden brown cylindrical sweet chimney cake!

Since it is usually baked over hot charcoal fire, you usually only get the traditional ones in markets because Hungarian regulations do not allow charcoal fire to be used indoors. Then again, we've also tried those that are baked in the oven and can't exactly tell any difference! Perhaps it is more fun to actually stand in line, watch them bake it over the fire, and selecting your coatings on the fresh Hungarian kürtőskalács!

The original coating are Chimney Cakes rolled in cinnamon sugar but you could also choose to coat yours with chocolate, strawberry, or even oreo!

4. Langos @ Lángos Burger

Healthy eaters should definitely stay far away from langos. This deep-fried circular dish is considered a street-food and can be found in many markets and at carts. It is typically served with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with cheese but nowadays, you could select from a plethora of sides.

And at Street Food Karavan, you'll get to enjoy Langos in a Burger form! Langos are used as the bun. The greasy langos together with savoury fillings are a delight! This stall usually sees long queues so be prepared to wait in line!

5. Beer

You can't have street food without a mug of beer to wash down all the greasiness!

Street Food Karavan is indeed a cool hangout spot for both the young and old after a night out at the ruin pubs. It is also a great experience to eat between old and ruin edifice in the city.

Other stores that are available at Street Food Karavan include: ChickPoint Hummus Bar and Juice Smokey Monkies BBQ Las Vegan's MexKitchen Vespa Rossa Traditional Pizza and Pasta Zing Burger&Co Parázs Thai Soup & Wok Bar

Have you tried any of these other stores? Share with us your experiences here!

Street Food Karavan

Budapest, Kazinczy u. 18, 1075 Hungary

Opening hours: Sundays - Wednesdays, 11am to 11pm; Thursdays - Saturdays, 11am to 1am

Nearest metro: Blaha Lujza ter

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