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Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

While everyone is eagerly queueing up for Shake Shack at Jewel Singapore, I am seriously missing what I would believe to be the best burgers that I've ever had! And no, it wasn't any burger that I've had in the United States, instead I found these yummy burgers in Budapest, Hungary!

I know there's a lot more to eat in Budapest than burgers, but these were really good so much so that we had it for two nights straight, until we had to leave the city... Till then, I haven't found burgers that were quite as good as the ones at Bamba Marha!

The best burgers in Budapest, Hungary - Bamba Marha Burger Bar!

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

Bamba Marha is a relatively new joint and started only in August 2015 on Andrassy Avenue, the so-called Champs-Elysees of Hungary. They quickly expanded and opened two pop-up venues the following summer - one on the Margret Island and the other in Buda. A year later, the Bamba Marha opened three permanent joints. They currently have four outlets in Hungary.

While looking for dinner on our second night in Budapest, we chanced upon Bamba Marha near Deák Ferenc tér metro station. After combing the streets, we were so hungry we decided to settle with burgers for dinner; and that was THE BEST DECISION EVER!

No guidebooks or blogs have ever told us that we had to try the burgers here but we're so glad we did...

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

On weekends, this burger bar gets really crowded! You almost won't be able to find a seat...

When you enter the bar, you'll be spoilt for choices as they simply had so many different types of burgers to choose from. On both of our nights, we managed to try 4 different burgers and a variety of their sides.

We started off with the burger of the same name as the store. The one pictured above is the BAMBA MARHA BURGER (1,890 HUF) made up of a big juicy slab of beef patty, parmesan chips, grilled shitake mushrooms, some ketchup, and some fresh tomatoes.

But at Bamba Marha, they pay attention to every little detail. The sesame buns were nicely toasted and tasted almost like a brioche bun. The beef patty was grilled to a slight crisp exterior with a juicy fatty interior. The other ingredients within the burger complemented the thick patty really well and we couldn't stop humming and cooing while having the burgers. The onion rings weren't shabby either, in fact, they were fried to golden brown, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

We also started to be more adventurous by trying "cooler" burgers such as the SLOPPY JOE BURGER (1,890HUF). It contained a thick beef patty as usual, with some cabbage, a sauce which they call sloppy joe, some gouda cheese and fried onion. Sloppy Joe didn't disappoint as well. The cheese was strong tasting but does not overshadow the star of the meal - the beef.

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

One of our favourites was the BIG KAHUNA BURGER (1,990HUF). It is the most pricey of the lot but this burger gives us both savoury and sweet bite after bite. The grilled pineapple was sweet and juicy and adds a touch of sweetness to the savoury beef and bacon combo, together with some Japanese teriyaki sauce. We had them with some fries which looked more like wedges really...

Where to find the best burgers in Budapest, Hungary? Bamba Marha Burger Bar

On our last and final night in Budapest, we were even more adventurous and decided to have the ELVIS BURGER (1,890 HUF). This was no standard offering. The burger contained sweet treats like cranberry jam, banana, and peanut butter. As crazy as it sounds, it actually tasted really good and complemented the savoury beef and grilled bacon really well. We also had them with some onion rings and it was fried to a crispy golden brown, while the interior remains soft and tender!

Though we didn't quite take that many pictures of the interior, Bamba Marha had a very interesting bar-like concept. You could simply grab your food, find a table of your choice, or share one with others to have your meal. The music was great and everyone was just enjoying their time with their burgers and chatting with their friends.

Bamba Marha Burger Bar - Deak

Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3, 1052 Hungary

Nearest metro: Deák Ferenc tér

(Grab the Budapest City Card for unlimited travel during your time in Budapest!)

If you were to visit Budapest in Hungary, Bamba Marha is definitely a must-go joint! I would say, even Shake Shack can't compete with it! If you're in Singapore, the closest burger would be Fatburger, which I head to from time to time whenever I miss Bamba Marha. I included it in my What to eat in JB Komtar mall post but if you don't wish to head all the way to Johor Bahru, you can also find it in Novena.

Have you tried Bamba Marha? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

Looking for a place to stay when in Budapest?

Where to stay in Budapest? Ibis Budapest City

Since Bamba Marha was located near the metro station, it was easy for us to get back to our hotel at Ibis Budapest City It is conveniently located a two-minute walk away from Blaha Lujza Ter metro. The area also has several supermarkets nearby, and is in walking distance to many of the Ruin Pubs. Since it is so close to the metro, we could get anywhere and everywhere easily via the metro line. New York Palace Cafe is also a short walk away should you want to visit the most beautiful cafe in the world!

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