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Where to go for the best mussels in Brussels, Belgium?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Where to go for the best mussels in Brussels, Belgium?

You can't visit Brussels and not have mussels! Other than being the tastiest seafood, mussels are extremely nutritious, containing good fats and are rich in vitamins. They also go very well with all kinds of sauces and stock and make for an excellent meal or even a mid-day treat!

How do Belgians eat Mussels?

Belgians typically boil the shellfish till they open, and then serve up the juicy seafood in a large casserole with various sauces. A large serving of fries or frites is usually served with it and you'll definitely be compelled to order a beer to wash down those oily fries! That's why you'll see moules and frites (mussels and fries) in most of their menus.

While many people eat mussels with their fork and spoon, the Belgian way is to use an empty mussel shell to grab the juicy meat out (almost like using the shell as a pincer!). A deep bowl is often also given as that's where you discard the remaining shells into.

As delicious as mussels can be, you'll need to pick a trustworthy restaurant where these mussels are fresh and cooks know just how to cook these mussels as just one rotten mussel can be extremely poisonous, leaving you running to the toilet for the next few days! Eeks! You could also do an additional check by discarding and not eating any unopened mussel shells!

Should you be visiting Brussels sometime between September to December, this is when it is said that mussels are the freshest and you should definitely try out one of these mussels joints near the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium! But first, grab your Brussels Card with Public Transport options to get around the city!

1. Chez Leon

Where to go for the best mussels in Brussels, Belgium? Chez Leon

When you talk about mussels in Brussels, the first restaurant you'll think of would undoubtedly be Chez Leon. Extremely popular during dinner, the family-owned restaurant is filled with diners ready to devour tons of mussels. Located in the heart of Brussels, the restaurant has a warm and cosy atmosphere and it serves not just mussels but also a variety of traditional Belgian foods.

At Chez Leon, you can have the typical mussels in casseroles (with an assortment of flavours) from 24.85 euros or mussels on a platter (again with all sorts of styles and flavours) from 14.55 euros. The fries that came along with the casseroles were essential as we were able to dip them into the sauce as we enjoyed our mussels. We also tried their flemish beef stew (17.85 euros) which was good, but certainly not the best. If you do head to Chez Leon, I would say, go for the mussels!

Even though Chez Leon has attracted tons of tourists and almost every night the restaurant is filled with tourists from all around the world, it is still worth a visit to experience the Belgian dining scene. To ensure you'll get a seat, make a reservation online.

Chez Leon

Rue des Bouchers 18, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Nearest metro station: De Brouckère

2. In’t Spinnekopke

Another restaurant near Brussels' Grand Place is In't Spinnekopke. This is another restaurant that exudes an authentic Belgian atmosphere. As lively as Chez Leon, this place is also almost always full. Our tip is to go just before dinner time to score your seats!

In’t Spinnekopke

Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 1, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Nearest metro station: De Brouckère

3. Noordzee - Mer du Nord

Noordzee - Mer du Nord, Brussels, Belgium

Not exactly a restaurant but more of a seafood shack or seafood bar where you'll get the freshest seafood prepared right in front of you! There aren't seats at Noordzee so you'll have to find a standing table and feast on all the goodness right there.

Noordzee is also the place where we would say, we've tasted the best mussels in Brussels. Yes, it beats even the restaurants! Sadly, we visited Noordzee on our last day in Brussels and have since been pining for the fresh shellfishes!

Although you don't get the mussels in a casserole, it is served on a plate drenched with lots of olive oil and oh-so-good herbs. If we're not wrong, Noordzee boils and then grills their seafood, ensuring that all the goodness of the herbs are infused into its moules. Ahhh, their mussels are so tasty I am literally salivating while looking at all the pictures.

Noordzee - Mer du Nord, Brussels, Belgium

When you are there, you'll definitely have to try some of their other seafood too; especially their razor clams. This was our virgin fresh razor clam experience and I would say, it is definitely the best. We were literally fighting over the clams and have to order a second platter to share. This was prepared in the same style as the mussels but somehow, a lot better! Perhaps also because we visited in November, where all the seafood were at its freshest!

Noordzee - Mer du Nord, Brussels, Belgium

We also tried their sea snail soup which was quite a life-saver as we stood out in the cold as well as their croquette.

Even though this Noordzee Mer Du Nord isn't a restaurant per se, as with all seafood, the bill can come up to quite a bit. Even if that is the case, we would definitely say that it is worth all your euros.

Noordzee - Mer du Nord

Place Sainte-Catherine 50, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Nearest metro station: De Brouckère

Where to stay in Brussels, Belgium?

With all these great mussels brasseries located near the Grand Place, it is no wonder why many people choose to stay nearby when in Brussels. When we were there, we stayed 3 nights at Hostel Bruegul. We decided on this place after our first choice EasyHotel Brussels were all sold out for the time we were there. Hostel Bruegel is an affordable accommodation with both shared dormitories and private room options. We got ourselves checked into their 2-bedder private room and had a wonderful stay. It was located just a few minutes away walk from the Grand Place and was a quiet neighbourhood. Similar to the easyHotel concept, you pay only for your room and you'll have to pay for whatever extra you'll need.

Hostel Bruegel

Rue du Saint-Esprit 2, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

After settling your accommodation and knowing these great places for mussels, you're all ready for your Belgium adventure!

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

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