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555 Villa Thai, Travel to Thailand in Singapore

I would have never known that we could get an experience of being transported to Thailand in the far Eastern part of Singapore. Located next to the runway of Changi Airport, it is possibly the closest you can get to being "overseas".

Now, you'll head to the airport, but just take a detour to Cosford Road. While it may seem like you're driving into nothingness, you'll soon find yourself at a bustling joint nestled within nature!

What to Eat at 555 Villa Thai?

As the mookata trend hits Singapore, at 555 Villa Thai, you'll get to enjoy the UFO mookata under the stars and under the flying planes. Because there aren't that many planes taking off or landing at Changi Airport right now (no thanks to Covid-19), dining at the open air area provides quite a pleasant experience!

Besides mookata, 555 villa thai also offers ala-carte Thai food dishes which we opted for during our visit. While their one-dish meals aren't exactly the best, they do have quite yummilicious tom yum soup, served in a hotpot with charcoal fire.

Since we didn't go there exactly for the food and you can find tastier Thai food elsewhere, we did really like the atmosphere as it brings you to Thailand!

The Ambience at 555 Villa Thai

We enjoyed the open-air sitting area that are decorated with signs that say Suvarnabhumi Airport and the tuk tuk they had on display. Prior to Covid-19, they also do have live bands at night which would have made the place much livelier! Nonetheless, we had some Thai food, drank some beers, and had a good chat about where we should travel to once the travel ban is lifted!

Even though we visited the restaurant on a late Sunday night, it was packed with people. We were so fortunate to snag some seats as the waitress mentioned how sometimes they had to turn people away. While it may be okay for restaurants in shopping malls as it is easy to find another dining location, what happens if you are turned away in the middle of nowhere?

Therefore, it is recommended to reserve your seats if you intend to go on weekend nights!

How to get to 555 Villa Thai?

Though we've heard how some people managed to take public transport plus a long walk to the restaurant, we do recommend driving yourselves there! Especially if you do wish to stay late into the night.

The streets outside have little lighting and you don't want to turn your trip into a Thai Horror show!

All in all, it was a wonderful experience venturing out to the other side of Singapore (I live in the West) where you'll find this dining establishment that is atypical of restaurants in Singapore.

Have you been to 555 Villa Thai? Share with us in the comments down below!

555 Villa Thai

30 Cosford Road, (GPS key 555 Villa Thai)

Singapore, 499550

Contact Number: 9771 5210



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