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Around the world in Epcot, Walt Disney World Orlando

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Epcot DisneyWorld Orlando

Epcot is the theme park that allows one to travel around the globe, under the sea, and into outer space... and beyond! Epcot has 11 countries that offer not only experiences of each country but also the tasty food of each country.

During the time when we were there, we made sure we make a stop to Epcot each night! Partly because Epcot was the park that opened the latest, and also we got to taste food from different countries each night!

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11 countries in Epcot

Travel to America at the American Adventure

The American Adventure sits right opposite of the entrance of Epcot and The Future World. There's a stage at the front of the world that sits close to the lake and has the backdrop of the beautiful lake and you may even have a glimpse of the Epcot globe at the entrance!

Travel to Japan

The first country on the left of America, you'll find the world of Japan! Just like Japan itself, you'll find a torii gate in the sea and a pagoda! There's also souvenir stores selling Japanese products and the Bijutsu-kan Gallery that showcases Japanese kawaii's culture!

Travel to Morocco

I haven't been to Morocco but it is sure on my list! I would really love to visit the exotic architecture and admire the beautiful moroccan rugs and carpets!

France, Epcot, Disney World Orlando

Travel to France

It's been almost six years ever since I've stepped into France and seeing the mock-up of the Effiel Tower really brought me fond memories of the actual tower! We stood in queue for really long before we actually got tickets and managed to head up the tower.

Now, you don't have to queue up to look at this mini tower. Furthermore, get Parisian bakes and desserts in their bakeries. There's also a crepe stall in the world of France!

Travel to United Kingdom

London is another of my favourite city, and to have the chance to get a glimpse of the United Kingdom in faraway America is a joy! Taste British fish and chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop! :)

Travel to Canada

Sharing a border with America is Canada. Even though we went to Canada to see the Niagara Falls right before we head to Orlando, seeing Canada in Disney World is a refreshing sight. There's definitely still a lot more to see in Canada other than just the falls which we haven't got the chance too! Hopefully we'll be able to head over someday!

Mexico, Epcot, Disney World Orlando

Travel to Mexico

The mockup of Chichen Itza is superbly grand and memorising, especially when it is lighted up at night! Mexico is a place where I've yet to step my foot but definitely want to view the famous Chichen Itza!

The step pyramid and and Maya Temple was the highlight of this world and is a great backdrop for insta-worthy shots! Outside this architecture, there are also a variety of performances for guests.

Travel to Norway

We actually went to United States before embarking on our Scandinavia trip. Our stay in Norway was brief but extremely exciting. We went skiing and took a cruise across the oceans.

Norway in Walt Disney World was also where you get to see the Frozen performance! Perfect for families with young children, especially the young princesses who love the Frozen movie!

Travel to China

I think this land was the most incredible one! Beside the temples and Chinese architecture, there's also the mock-up of the legendary terracotta warriors! You'll also get to meet Mulan here!

Travel to Germany

We had an excellent meal in the land of Germany in Epcot on one of the nights! We had a buffet meal that has various German delicacies. The only thing that we didn't quite like is that we had to share tables while having our meals. We felt a little bit cheated because we really wanted to splurge that night and have a good meal with just the two of us. However, we had to share seats with others, and had to try to make awkward conversations with the people on the table. We didn't know that prior to entering the restaurant and even had to wait quite a bit before heading in!

Other than that, the food was amazing and the vibes of the restaurant was quite fun and bustling!

Travel to Italy

The final land is the that of Italy. With Italian delicacies and the replica of Florence's tall building!

What else is there to do in Epcot?

The main thrill rides in Epcot are located in Future World, the space closest to the entrance of Epcot!

Living with the Land is a slow ride that takes you through various methods to grow plants, such as hydrophonics. It is an informative ride that showcases what the future may be!

Spaceship Earth and Mission:SPACE are the rides that take you beyond earth! These are popular rides so do get the Fastpass where possible!

Finally, Fireworks!!

At the end of most nights (when there's good weather), you'll get to enjoy fireworks display at Epcot!

Nights at Epcot is extremely exciting too as people are holding onto beers, enjoying music at the different worlds, and just enjoy the nice cool weather!

Park hopper ticket are the best to truly explore the various theme parks and you should get them online before heading over! And because there's so much to do in the parks everyday, it totally makes sense to stay within the proximity of the parks. You also do not need to worry about expensive cab rides as there are Disney shuttle that brings you around the parks!

Have you been to Epcot? What are your favourites?


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