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Cafe Hopping in JB: Tropique Cafe and Restaurant

Cafe Hopping in JB: Tropique Cafe and Restaurant

Visiting Tropique Cafe and Restaurant wasn't exactly on our to-do list when we first decided to head to Spring Labs, a fairly new instagrammable establishment about 30 minutes drive from the checkpoint in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was the bad weather and the fact that it took us this long to get there that we decided to treat ourselves...

While many Singaporeans already love heading to JB Cafes like Faculty of Caffeine, Replacement Lodge, and Shakespeare Milkshakes, you'll love the vibe of Tropique as it is opened by the same people behind these popular cafes. Unlike People & Places Cafe, and the other cafes teeming with Singaporeans, Tropique offers a more private and tranquil dining environment and experience.

Cafe Hopping in JB: Tropique Cafe and Restaurant

There are two levels of dining space in the cafe and we were ushered to the second floor, with a table next to the window, looking out to the mammoth EcoSprings residences. The dimly lit yet cosy feel of the restaurant made us feel a lot better about the dreary weather outside. As we were seated facing the entrance of SpringLabs, we witnessed just so many cars driving right up to Tropique and making their way into the cafe. It is evident that people do make trips to SpringLabs just for the restaurant.

We were excited to taste the food!

Since we already had our fill at City Square Mall, we decided to try some of Tropique's sweet treats. We ordered Madam Lim's Brownie (RM 22.90) that was topped with vanilla ice cream, popcorn and crunchy Granola. The brownie was extremely rich in flavour and the ice cream goes really well with it. We also liked how the granola provided a crunchy texture to the moist brownie.

We also ordered a B&B french toast (RM24.90) as we were thrilled to see beef bacon and caramelised banana in its description! The dish didn't disappoint when it was served as we both went wow... and had high expectations for it. However, the toast wasn't the best we've had as it was insufficiently hot. What impressed us was instead, the beef bacon as it was nicely grilled and pairs well with the sweet flavours in this dish. For the price, we would say it is still a must-try for something a little different than the usual.

Cafe Hopping in JB: Tropique Cafe and Restaurant

For our beverages, we tried their fruit teas - Berries Punch and Yuzu Summer (RM 15 each). Both teas were a little too sweet for our likely as we usually drink their without any sugar. Nonetheless, the presentation (in the menu and when served) was too beautiful to give it a miss.

Overall, we felt that the food at Tropique was average, but given the price and the tranquility of the place, it is definitely worth a second (or third) visit. The next time, we'll be certain to perhaps try their Savoury Food or their High Tea Platter (RM90, feeds two) and come prepared with our laptops to get some work done. Tropique is a space where you can chill and unwind and get away from the overcrowded joints we often face in Singapore and the Singaporean-populated Johor Bahru cafes.

Have you been to Tropique Cafe and Restaurant? Share with us your experience in the comments below!

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