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Cafehopping in Vienna: Cafe Landtmann

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Should you want to visit a cafe in Vienna that has a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, you'll have to head to Cafe Landtmann. Ever since 1873, it has opened its doors to numerous patrons. Situated at a prime spot close to the Burgtheater, University of Vienna, the Parliament and the town hall, it is one that is extremely accessible for locals and tourists.

Cafe Landtmann, Vienna, Austria

Apparently, many Austrian celebrities, journalists, and politicians often visit this classy dining establishment. Cafe Landtmann has both outdoor seating and indoor seating, and an in-between which features glass windows all around while you enjoy the warmth indoors. We visited Cafe Landtmann close to lunch and it was already packed. Fortunately, we managed to get seats at the glass-covered atrium.

Cafe Landtmann, Vienna, Austria

After perusing the menu, we realised that prices at Cafe Landtmann are slightly on the higher-side, but it is definitely worth all your euros. There's a great selection of drinks and desserts and we heard that they serve good Viennese schnitzel too! So, if you are short on time, head over and "kill two birds with a stone".

Cafe Landtmann, Vienna, Austria

Each cuppa came in a beautiful white porcelain cup with a gold handle. Instantly, that air of #crazyrichasians seemed to fill the air. The utensils were also classy and shiny, transporting you to another world of cafe heaven.

As we were simply too full from our amazing breakfast at our hotel, 25hourshotel, we only managed to get our second cup of coffee, an hour after breakfast.. oops.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for a place to rest your feet after looking at the marvellous buildings nearby, drop by for a Viennese melange at Cafe Landtmann!

Universitätsring 4, A-1010 Wien

Opens daily from 7.30am to 12.00am

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