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Day trip from London: <24 hours in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge, just an hour train ride from London, is better known as the home of the University of Cambridge. We decided to visit Cambridge before heading to Amsterdam as our ferry departs from the Harwich Port that is midway between London and Cambridge! Cambridge is really small, but there is still quite a bit to see.

1. University Colleges

Most of the college grounds are open to the public so you are free to explore and see how the smartest study and live! If you would like a guided tour, there are also many tour guides touting tours that you could possibly consider? (We didn't try it so we're not sure how good it is!)

Some of the colleges may also charge a small fee if you would like to enter but we guarantee it is definitely worth the money after spending time and effort to reach Cambridge!

2. Punting on River Cam

On warmer days, it is a must to try punting on the river! You could either try to do-it-yourself, or hire a punter who would navigate you through the canals and show you around the different colleges! Unfortunately, we weren't able to do so as we visited Cambridge during winter.

3. Visit Museums!

There are several museums that you could visit in Cambridge but our favourite was the Fitzwilliam Museum. It houses classical art pieces and artefacts. The interior is as beautiful as the exterior!

4. Go shopping in Cambridge!

Head to the Grand Arcade, a shopping centre located in the center of Cambridge. It has over 3 floors, and over 60 luxury boutiques.

Otherwise, go for the open-air shopping street at The Grafton Quarter. It also has a Primark which you can spend the rest of your free time at!

5. Take a stroll in Christ's Pieces

If you are heading to The Grafton Quarter, you will have to cut through Christ's Pieces! Cambridge is a lot less crowded than London, so take your chance to enjoy the serenity!

All in all, Cambridge is a lot more beautiful than London! It is filled with gothic cathedrals and buildings all over the town. One will definitely enjoy the day trip! Have you been to Cambridge? Share you stories with us!

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