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Top 21 things to do in London, United Kingdom

Visiting London for the first time? Or heading back to London again? There's just so much to do in London that even three visits over several years, is still insufficient for us! We have specially curated the top 21 things that you absolutely need to do during your next visit to London, United Kingdom!

But first, with London's crazy weather, you'll want to ensure that you have packed everything you'll ever need: The Perfect London Packing List. Prepare those brollies and raincoats!

1. Visit the iconic Big Ben

A must-visit when you are in London! The majestic Big Ben is a majestic architecture that is a delight to admire and marvel at. Head onto the Westminster Bridge to get the best view of Big Ben along River Thames!

To get to the Big Ben, the nearest metro station's the Westminster Station. For first time travellers, do be careful of the gypsies that may get you to purchase flowers or friendship bands at the entrance of the station. Just brisk walk away to avoid any form of confrontation or pleas.

2. Ride the London Eye

This is probably an extremely touristy thing to do but it is one landmark that you'll have to see and take a picture of! The London Eye used to be the largest ferris wheel in the world before it is overtaken by Star of Nanchang in 2006, the Singapore Flyer in 2008, and now the High Roller opened at the Las Vegas Strip in 2014. The London Eye is now ranked number four.

Nearest metro station: Waterloo Station

3. Marvel at the architecture of the Westminster Abbey

Just across the road from the Big Ben, you'll find the 700-year-old Westminster Abbey. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it welcomes visitors to enter the church or join their worship.

Nearest metro station: Westminster Station

4. Stroll along River Thames and head to the Tower Bridge

It is quite a far walk but given the cool weather, it is quite enjoyable to stroll along River Thames. Otherwise, head onto the MBNA Thames Clippers (RB1 from Westminister to Tower Bridge) and cruise along the Thames to the Tower Bridge.

Nearest metro station: Tower Hill Station

5. On your way, get onto the Millennium Bridge

Harry Potter fans, you will definitely need to head onto the Millennium Bridge. In the movie, you'll see the death eaters attacking the bridge!

Millennium Bridge, London, United Kingdom

While you're there, don't leave out the Shakespeare's Globe! During Christmas, you can also find a Christmas Market at the Tate Modern Community Garden.

Nearest metro station: Blackfriars Station

6. Feast to your heart's content at the Borough Market

Borough Market, London, United Kingdom

Borough Market's our favourite place to find delicious eats! It also has a nice bustling atmosphere where you can find all sorts of produce. Read also our guide to the 10 things you must eat in Borough Market.

While you're there, you can also marvel at the Southwark Cathedral right next to the market. If you're spending Christmas in London, you'll also see many decorations and a Christmas tree in the market.

Nearest metro station: London Bridge Station

7. Check out the view on top of The Shard

View of the Shard

Or just the view of The Shard if you do not wish to head up! The Shard is Western Europe's tallest building and it is certainly not cheap to head up. Tickets at the door cost a whooping 30.95 pounds! If you really would like to head up, book online to get your tickets at 18.95 pounds.

Nearest metro station: London Bridge Station

8. Get to the Medieval Times at the Tower of London

Tower of London, United Kingdom

The Tower of London is officially known as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and the Fortress of the Tower of London. Throughout history, the Tower of London has served several purposes and is a historical landmark that is worth visiting.

Nearest metro station: Tower Hill Station

9. Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market, London, United Kingdom

Although there is nothing much going on here, the architecture of this market is simply stunning! It also inspired one of the scene from Harry Potter. While you are there, why don't you also book a visit to Duck and Waffle?

Nearest metro station: Monument Station

10. Watch the Changing of Guards Ceremony at the Buckingham Palace

Changing of Guards Ceremony @ Buckingham Palace

The main draw of the Buckingham Palace is the Changing of Guards Ceremony. Time your visit with the ceremony! It is held every other day at 11am. It will be an extremely crowded affair so do prepare to stand around and perhaps squeeze with the public if you would like a glimpse of the ceremony!

Nearest metro station: Victoria / St James' Park Station

11. Marvel at the red Westminster Cathedral

Been to the Westminster Abbey? Then you'll have to complete your trip with the Westminster Cathedral. Not just that, it is also really beautiful.

Nearest metro station: Victoria Station

12. Avoid London's gloomy weather and enjoy the British Museum!

British Museum, London, United Kingdom

The British Museum is an astonishing museum where its interiors are simply #goals! The museum is massive and has so many rooms and exhibits that you'll take an entire day to tour through! It is also one of the 9 free museums in London.

Nearest metro station: Tottenham Court Road / Russell Square Station

13. The alternative? The National Gallery

The National Gallery is also another free museum in London and it houses the world's greatest paintings. The exterior of the National Gallery is also stunning! For some reason, you can never ever complet