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Economy Class on British Airways (Singapore to London)

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Economy Class on British Airways

British Airways was our choice to head to Europe as they were running a promotion at the point of time when we were booking our tickets. We paid about less than 1,100 sgd for direct flights from Singapore to London and we found them on trusty Skyscanner. Although there were other airlines, such as Qatar that will bring you to London for less than 1,000, we preferred a direct flight to save time!

It was a great choice to fly on British Airways as we had quite a comfortable 14 hour flight to London.

Now, you may be wondering - why London? Because there's just so many things to do in London, and London possesses a wide variety of cuisines fit for any palate. It is also a great gateway into neighbouring cities like Amsterdam and Paris by rail, or by ferry.

Economy Class on British Airways

Best Tips for Long-haul Travels

To maximise the comfort of your flight, do remember to select your seats on the upper deck of the A380!

If you're travelling in a pair, you will be able to get private 2-seaters on the top deck of the A380 with a compartment at the side of your seat that is great for stowing away your bags, and excess blankets / pillows which would clear up the leg space that you have right in front of you! The best part is: You do not have to pay a single cent extra, just make sure you head to the check-in website 48 hours before your flight and select your seats!

We got lucky and managed to get these seats on the flight to and fro London. These seats are great for people who travel in pairs as you do not need to share your seats with another stranger beside one of you!

Economy Class on British Airways

How are the seats on British Airways?

Although the seat width and pitch for the economy seats on British Airways weren't that comfortable as Cathay Pacific, and their planes are relatively older, it was still a relatively comfortable ride. Enjoy the movies on their entertainment system to catch up on all the latest blockbusters!

Economy Class on British Airways

For the long-haul flight to London, there were two meals served. It didn't look like much but it was an okay meal. Service was also rather pleasant as you can always count on the stewards and stewardess to bring you water, or any other drink that you'll need during the flight!

All in all, British Airways offers direct flights from Singapore to London and its price-point at a competitive sub 1,100 (versus SIA at 2,000 during the December peak month) was very attractive! The ride wasn't too bad as well since we didn't have to share our seats with a stranger!



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